Timesheet Portal Standard Edition Features

Standard edition applies to businesses that don't operate like a recruitment agency. Standard edition gives you the ability to track time for tasks and sub-tasks (or projects and project activities), and provides, advanced rates management as well as human resource management capabilities. If you are an agency but manage your own projects and need the ability to break down a project into sub-tasks and want access to project management features such as budgeting, then you should be looking at standard edition.

Online Timesheets

Timesheet Portal replaces your existing paper based system and gives you even more. Timesheets are submitted by workers online, and if required, can also be approved by a their manager. Take a look at the summary of timesheet features below:
  • Enter time in hours or days
  • Track numerical quantities in timesheets, e.g. items sold, or sales calls made
  • Create custom rates (e.g. overtime, night shift, etc)
  • Create rates based on days of week
  • Auto convert total hours per day to man-days worked
  • Enter notes in the timesheet for the work performed
  • Timesheets can be approved once or go through multiple approvals
  • Automatically split weekly timesheets into separate month timesheets
  • Emails sent when timesheets submitted/reviewed
  • Possible to submit by text message
  • Timesheet rules make it possible to ensure the correct hours are submitted by your employees
  • Full audit history of timesheets - dates of submission, approval, etc

Online Expenses

Our online expenses module is fully comprehensive, supporting approvals, multiple currency expense forms and receipt uploading. Further details of our expense form module features is below:

  • Expense approval process with email notifications on approval/rejection
  • Multiple expense form currency support
  • Upload receipts (either online or via email)
  • Completed forms can be downloaded as PDF/Excel
  • Track re-imbursable / non-reimbursable client expenses
  • Easy management page to monitor expense forms that havent been approved yet
  • Backend expense management allows tracking of paid / unpaid expenses

Automatic overtime calculation

Our automated overtime calculation module will eliminate human error and save time from your manual processes of calculating overtime.
We provide a sophistated mechanism allowing you to specify multiple rules and conditional logic to allow you to calculate correct pay and charge bands. Some of our overtime rules are listed below:
  • Overtime on a daily threshold
  • Overtime on a weekly threshold
  • Overtime during specific time bands
  • Overtime where time starts between a specific time
  • Overtime on public holidays
  • Overtime multipliers, dividers and rounding based on specified criteria

Client Invoicing

Generate your invoices for your clients directly from the timesheets & expenses submitted through Timesheet Portal. Export them to your accounting package and email them directly from our system. Invoices can be branded with logos, payment terms and completely designed to your specification. A breakdown of the client invoicing features is shown below:
  • Configurable options to define how to group invoices and items within invoices
  • Bespoke invoice templates to match your corporate colours and layouts
  • Invoice footer text can be customised
  • Support for VAT, foreign currencies and reverse charge VAT
  • Automatic generation of sequential invoice numbers
  • Email invoices directly from our system to your customers
  • Convert invoices to credit notes
  • Invoices generated as PDF files
  • Export to Sage, Xero & Quickbooks
  • Automatic synchronisation of invoice numbers with your accounting package

Time-off bookings

Our online time-off booking module gives you the ability to centrally manage your employee's time-off requests for annual leave, sickness or other. Annual leave balances can be tracked allowing time to carry over from one year to the next. And if your business is global, you can make use multiple public holiday calendars to ensure calculations are specific for each employee's region. Take a look at our detailed features list for this module below:

  • Calculate annual allowances, carry annual leave from one year to the next and cap the carried over leave if necessary
  • On-screen and downloadable leave calendar which can be configured for others to view
  • Approval process for time off bookings
  • Time off categories can be customised, e.g. sick leave, unpaid holiday, etc.
  • Make use of multiple calendars if you have people booking leave in different parts of the World with different public holidays
  • Configure different working days for different people


Our flexitime calculation module eliminates the need for complicated spreadsheets to manager your employee's flexitime working hours. This module works with our timesheets module to allow your employees to accrue time into their flexitime pool when they have worked about a certain amount, and deducts this time when they need to take time off during their normal working hours. Our flexitime module provides configurable rules so you can make it work the way you need it, and save you time by automating the management of your employee's flexible working hours.

  • Accrue time when employees work more than their weekly contracted hours
  • Accrue time when employees work more than a set threshold in a day or week
  • Apply rules so that time is only accrued when working on certain tasks
  • Automatically deduct time from employee's flexitime pool when they work less than their weekly contracted hours
  • Deduct time when employees log time against certain tasks
  • Limit the number of hours that can be carried over from one week to the next and one month to the next
  • Visibility on the employee's timesheets of their current flexitime balance
  • Run reports to view the details of employee's flexitime transactions

Mobile Site

We have a mobile-enhanced website which allows you to submit and approve your timesheets on the go. Our mobile site has been designed to work on devices with small viewing displays and allows you do the simple tasks with one finger, so you can beat the clock and submit or approve your timesheets on your daily commute or whenever it suits you.

Automatic Notifications

Our email and text message (SMS) keep your processes flowing by ensuring everyone involved in each process is kept updated when actions are required. All email and text message notifications can be customised and are sent on behalf of an email address (or text message sender) of your choice.

  • Notify approvers when timesheets are submitted
  • Notify employees when their timesheets are approved / rejected
  • Send early and late reminders for submission of timesheets
  • Notify approvers when expenses are submitted
  • Notify employees when their expenses are approved / rejected
  • Notify approvers when one of their employees requests time off
  • Notify employees when their time off bookings are approved / rejected
  • Set up email addresses to be copied into different notifications, e.g. HR is informed when time off is approved.

Absenteeism Management

Record, approve and report on your employee's absence. Planned sick leave can be requested and approved in advance with our leave management module, and unexpected illness can be recorded using our timesheet module. Use our built-in reports to work out absence statistics for your business:

  • Bradford factor score calculation
  • Total absence spells
  • Individual's total absence and average absence


With over 60 built in reports, you shouldn't have any problems finding the data you need in the right structure and format. Reports range from simple time / expense reports for client/projects/employees to productivity, utilisation and absenteeism reports.

  • Reports either downloadable as Excel or PDF
  • Fields can be customised
  • Filter by date, company, project, employee, groups, and lots more
  • Group daily,weekly or monthly
  • Create and save report templates to speed up report creation
And here are some of the reports you can run:

  • Absenteeism report - calculate Bradford factor score, absence rates etc
  • Employee utilisation reports (for project based accounts)
  • Consecutive days worked - identify employees who have worked more than x days in a row
  • Project budget over time report - track budget spend per week/month
  • Employee project matrix report - all your employees and projects in one simple matrix grid

Database Integration

To create a completely transparent solution, Timesheet Portal can be integrated with your HR software system and payroll systems. This will automate the process of exporting your employees/projects/jobs into Timesheet Portal, which can then export data into your payroll or other systems which may require Timesheet data.

To find out more about integration please contact us for a quote.

Account Branding

Customise your portal with your own corporate colour scheme and logo to maintain consistency with your brand when your clients and own staff access the portal. Configure the look and layout of your login page and also create completely bespoke client invoices.

  • Customise the colour scheme to match your corporate colours
  • Upload your company logo so that it appears on all pages of the system
  • Customisable login page, where you can specify your own HTML and brand the page is if it were yours
  • Customise email templates and email addresses so they appear to come from your own company
  • Can have branded domain names e.g. yourcompany.timesheetportal.com, or use your own domain

Contractor Self Billing

Contractor self-billing blurb here.

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If you are a recruitment agency, please view our Recruitment Timesheets Features page, as we offer a different range of features for recruitment companies.

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   © 2018 Anfold Software Ltd.  Timesheet Portal HR software is owned by Anfold Software Ltd, a UK registered company (number 06784037)  · Privacy  · Terms

   © 2018 Anfold Software Ltd.  Timesheet Portal HR software is owned by Anfold Software Ltd, a UK registered company (number 06784037)  · Privacy  · Terms