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Timesheet Portal Expenses Tracking Software is designed to be an easy, effective tool that gives you full financial control over your business, without the fuss. It lets you firmly, efficiently take the reins of your company to steer it forward, even when you’re on the move. While our Online Expenses Service page gives you a bullet list of the features we offer so you can understand what you’re getting at-a-glance, this guide outlines the useful benefits that our Expenses Tracking Software provides:

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Web based expenses. Submit claims on-the-go.

Timesheet Portal’s expense module gives you a centralised expense management system that allows you to process claims faster, ensuring you can recover costs from clients and reimburse your workers quicker. Benefit from:

  • Multiple currency claims.
  • Automatic mileage calculation.
  • Receipts upload.
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Single and multiple stage approval process
Centralised online expenses

Minimise Time. Minimise human error.

Using a web-based system means your expense claims can be submitted online and approved conveniently while on the move, when and where it suits them. Claims can be included in invoices and exported to accounting software so that payments can be processed.

Company vehicle mileage, personal mileage and fuel receipts can be tracked and reported on, and rates can be linked to vehicle engine sizes, providing a simple and easy process for your workers.

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Full peace of mind

When it comes to safeguarding your business financials, our online Expenses Tracking Software operates on an entirely secure connection. It also features an approval path for your full peace of mind, as well as an audit trail so there clear evidence of all activity on every expense form.

Streamlined payments and costs recovered

Your finance department will love our system. Simple reports make it easy to see who needs paying and who needs to be charged. Plus you can export expenses into Xero, and also include expenses in client invoices and self billing invoices. Your employees also get visibility of when their expenses have been approved and paid.

Receipt upload

Upload your receipts, either using our desktop site, mobile site or simply email them directly from your mobile. Receipts are included in downloaded expense forms and can also be exported from our API into your own systems.

Mileage calculation

Our mileage calculator will calculate the total driving distance between two points, ensuring your employees cannot submit incorrect mileage amounts. View the route on a map to verify, or give employees the option to override, for example when an alternative route had to be taken due to heavy traffic.

Company car mileage

Track business and personal mileage on company cars, and configure differing mileage rates for different engine sizes. Employees need not know what rates to use as they can simply enter ther registration of their vehicle to ensure the correct rates are applied.

Multiple currencies & tax rates

If your workforce is global or do a lot of overseas travel, then you can easily make claims in multiple currencies, also providing you with the ability to set the exchange rate so you can reimburse employees in local currency.

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   © 2018 Anfold Software Ltd.  Timesheet Portal HR software is owned by Anfold Software Ltd, a UK registered company (number 06784037)  · Privacy  · Terms

   © 2018 Anfold Software Ltd.  Timesheet Portal HR software is owned by Anfold Software Ltd, a UK registered company (number 06784037)  · Privacy  · Terms