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Time Is Money. Save both.

Capturing working time down to the last minute improves your efficency by allowing you the pay and bill faster, conform with compliance laws and manage your projects better. Our timesheet software will help facilite:

  • Billing on a consultancy basis.
  • Recruitment agency work which must be re-charged to the client.
  • Measuring the profitability and/or expenditure of projects.
  • Providing key information in order to make correct forecasts for future projects.
  • Monitoring employee productivity and absenteeism.

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Workflow optimisation. Efficiency through automation.

Our platform lets you concentrate on getting on with the stuff that helps you bill faster and plan better, rather than spending your time chasing up timesheets – these are just some of the key features that will free you up to get on with more important tasks:

  • Automatic overtime calculation.
  • Dashboard and on-screen reports to show you submission & approval status.
  • Automated email and text message notifications.
  • Automated single or multiple stage approval process
  • Pre-population of timesheets with predefined working hours
  • Faster timesheet approvals by email
  • Rules to prevent unexpected working times
Timesheet automation


Our Timesheet Software produces reports that can be fully customised, such as allowing different groupings of time plus tracked elements to suit your individual needs, and all easily downloadable into Excel.

Flexible timesheet configuration

Many companies have their own way of doing things which do not fit into a pre-set mode. There are literally hundreds of individual settings which can be applied to alter how a timesheet looks, how time is captured, how rates are applied and how to validate the time before it is submitted.

Invoicing made easy

Our software includes a convenient module that allows you to produce invoices directly from timesheets, effectively saving time by killing two birds with one stone. You can also export your invoices directly into various accounting packages, such as Sage Line 50, Quickbooks & Xero.

Timesheets on the move

We have a dedicated mobile site which allows your employees to submit the hours they’ve worked without bother using their mobile phones. Additionally timesheets can be approved via email, so busy managers need not log into a website.

Complex time capture simplified

Timesheet Portal’s platform allows for a variety of ways to capture employee work time, whether in shifts, hours or days. It also allows for the easy capture of custom rate types, including overtime and onsite/offsite rates. Our overtime calculator has many rules which can be applied in different ways, in succession or in parallel, providing those with extremely complex pay and charge rules to automate such calculations.

Integration & API

We integrate with a variety of recruitment front office software systems, such as Voyager Midoffice, Microdec, Bullhorn, Influence & RDB to name a few. We also provide an API so you can integrate your own systems with ours, providing seamless and efficient data transfer from one system to another.

Complex rates

Simplify your billing processes by letting us work out what rates to pay and charge based on your criteria for different projects, clients and workers. Rates can be applied on multiple levels with differing priorities. For example, you can charge different rates for different projects, but the same pay rate for a specific individual, unless they are working out of hours.

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   © 2018 Anfold Software Ltd.  Timesheet Portal HR software is owned by Anfold Software Ltd, a UK registered company (number 06784037)  · Privacy  · Terms

   © 2018 Anfold Software Ltd.  Timesheet Portal HR software is owned by Anfold Software Ltd, a UK registered company (number 06784037)  · Privacy  · Terms