Timesheet Portal Recruitment Edition Features

Contract and volume temp recruitment agencies requiring time, expense and invoicing facilities have different needs to other businesses, which is why we developed a tailored solution just for you.

Our recruitment edition provides you with a branded portal, and streamlines the process of time & expense capture to automatic invoice and payrun creation, ensuring you can pay and bill faster.

Following time capture, invoices can be produced on our system, and exported directly into Sage 50, Xero, Quickbooks and Kashflow, and then distributed to your clients by email from our system. To find out more about our recruitment features and modules, please click on one of the buttons below.

Online Timesheets

Timesheet Portal replaces your existing paper based system and gives you even more. Timesheets are submitted by workers online (web or mobile), and if required and approved by your clients online or by email.
  • Web-based submission (desktop or mobile)
  • Track start/end times, total hours, days or a combination thereof
  • Automatic overtime calculation
  • Append notes to timesheets
  • Single or multiple-stage approval processes
  • Support for paper-based signatures
  • Reporting on timesheets can be done hourly/daily
  • Support for weekly or monthly timesheets
  • Full audit history of timesheets - dates of submission, approval, etc
  • Your clients are able to report on all previoulsy approved timesheets

Online Expenses

Timesheet Portal allows your contractors to submit their expense forms online, via desktop or mobile, and have them approved by your clients. You can manage all the expense forms from a single location. Some of expense reporting features below:

  • Web-based expense submission (desktop or mobile)
  • Upload receipts (either online or via email)
  • Automatic miles calculations using postcodes / street names
  • Single stage or multiple stage approval
  • Multiple currency support
  • Support for VAT & automatic VAT calculation
  • Completed forms can be downloaded as PDF/Excel
  • Can be included in client invoices and self billing invoices
  • Easy interface for chasing up approval and setting items as paid

Document Storage & Signing

Document storage gives you a centralised solution for storing your documents related to your temporary work contracts and the contractors themselves, thus facilitating the process for your contractors to upload their compliance documents.

  • Create custom document types required for contractors and for your bookings
  • Contractors can upload their own documents, e.g. passport, professional indemnity insurance, etc
  • Prevent timesheet submission if the required documents haven't been uploaded
  • Upload PDF / Image / Word Documents
Our document signing module works in conjunction with our partner LegaleSign to provide an integrated solution for contract signing. Using custom templates, you can populate information in your contracts from all the job booking data in Timesheet Portal, email directly to your clients for signing, and keep the signed versions linked to your jobs in Timesheet Portal.
Document signing will allow you to have your contracts with workers as well as your contracts with your clients digitally signed and managed from a central location.

AWR & Holiday Accrual

OUR AWR module helps keep you compliant with AWR regulations. Our simple interface gives you the ability to track AWR clock status, and details of time off is recorded in timesheets.
  • AWR clock is automatically calculated when timesheets are submitted
  • Track work time, holidays, sickness, industrial action leave, maternity, etc
  • Receive advanced notification prior to permanent status being reached, so you can take early action
Holiday accrual uses HMRC guidelines to accrue holiday pay for PAYE workers, providing yoou with friendly interface to track holiday accrual amounts and deduct from these when a worker is given holiday pay.
  • Holiday pay automatically calculated when timesheets are approved.
  • Set differing accrual amounts for individual clients, using a pre-AWR and post-AWR rate
  • Links with our payroll preparation module to calculate employer's national insurance on holiday pay

Client Invoicing

Generate your invoices for your clients directly from the timesheets & expenses submitted through Timesheet Portal. The invoices can be branded with logos and your own payments terms and additional information. A breakdown of the client invoicing features is shown below:
  • Invoice per client, job booking or purchase order
  • Configurable options to define invoice item time grouping
  • Bespoke invoice templates to match your corporate colours and layouts.
  • Support for VAT, reverse charge and foreign currencies
  • VAT analysis GBP currency conversion
  • Export to Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and Kashflow
  • Email invoices to your customers with timesheets & expenses attached
  • Convert invoices to credit notes
  • Invoices generated as PDF files

Mobile Site

We have a mobile-enhanced website which allows you to submit and approve your timesheets on the go. Our mobile site has been designed to work on devices with small viewing displays and allows you do the simple tasks with one finger, so you can beat the clock and submit or approve your timesheets on your daily commute or whenever it suits you.

Automatic Notifications

Our email and text message (SMS) keep your processes flowing by ensuring everyone involved in each process is kept updated when actions are required. All email and text message notifications can be customised and are sent on behalf of an email address (or text message sender) of your choice.

  • Notify approvers when timesheets are submitted
  • Notify employees when their timesheets are approved / rejected
  • Send early and late reminders for submission of timesheets
  • Notify approvers when expenses are submitted
  • Notify employees when their expenses are approved / rejected
  • Notify approvers when one of their employees requests time off
  • Notify employees when their time off bookings are approved / rejected
  • Set up email addresses to be copied into different notifications, e.g. HR is informed when time off is approved.

Reporting & Foreasting

Timesheet Portal supports a variety of reporting features and formats, making it easy to extract summarised data. You can enter job rates as well, so your reports can include costing information for your jobs.

  • Create custom CSV & Excel reports
  • Customise fields included and their ordering
  • Filter by date, company, jobs or employees
  • Group daily,weekly or monthly
  • Create consultant commission reports with commission splits
  • Create margin forecast reports
  • Graphical reports for weekly/monthly margins


To minimise manual input during your billing cycles, we can integrate directly with Sage Line 50, Sage online, Xero, Quickbooks online/desktop and Kashflow.

For a completely transparent end-to-end solution with minimal manual data input, Timesheet Portal can already be integrated with a number of recruitment ATS and CRM systems. An integration with your CRM / ATS automates the process of exporting your placements, clients and candidates from your own system into Timesheet Portal.
Timesheet Portal currently works with the following systems:

  • Voyager Mid-Office / Infinity
  • Firefish Software
  • Microdec Profile
  • Bullhorn
  • Bond Adapt
  • Influence
  • JobAdder
To find out more about integration please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quote.

Account Branding

Customise your portal with your own corporate colour scheme and logo to maintain consistency with your brand when your clients and own staff access the portal. Configure the look and layout of your login page and also create completely bespoke client invoices.

  • Customise the colour scheme to match your corporate colours
  • Upload your company logo so that it appears on all pages of the system
  • Customisable login page, where you can specify your own HTML and brand the page is if it were yours
  • Customise email templates and email addresses so they appear to come from your own company
  • Can have branded domain names e.g. yourcompany.timesheetportal.com, or use your own domain

Contractor Self Billing

Our self billing module provides you with the ability to automatically generate self billing invoices for your contractors to be sent to your own agency for payment. This cuts down on the manual work required by the contractors and your back office staff as this can be done with minimal manual intervention.

  • Invoices are sent from the contractor with their own company details
  • Contractors can amend their own company and bank details on their invoices
  • Automatic creation of self billing invoices when timesheets/expenses are approved
  • Include contractor rechargeable expenses in invoices
  • Invoices are linked to timesheets so the contractor cannot invoice twice for the same work
  • Export to Sage, Xero & Quickbooks as supplier invoices

Employment Intermediaries Reporting

The recently introduced HMRC legislation now requires that all employment intermediaries submit quarterly reports containng details of the workers and worker's engagements they have provided to their clients.

Timesheet Portal provides you with the ability to capture all the required information from your workers, and even provides a facility for the worker's to enter this themselves so you don't need to input it all yourself. Our Employment Intermediaries Reporting feature will also produce your quarterly reports in the required format so you can upload it directly to HMRC.

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