About Timesheet Portal: Our Mission and Values

Born and bred in the UK, Anfold Software provides online back-office and HR technology for over 800 clients worldwide from our London-based premises. We offer two distinct products: Project and Recruitment. 

Recruitment caters specifically for the needs of recruitment agencies, whereas Project is focused on general processes for timekeeping and human resource management in project-based and non-project based environments.

Our software can be heavily customised, allowing it to cater for many different needs, and can be easily integrated with a variety of external systems, eliminating the need for any manual entry in your time/expense keeping and billing processes.

Our Story

Like all the best stories, ours starts with a challenge.

Back in 2007, our founder’s wife, Amanda, was working as a contractor. Like so many others, she spent a frustrating amount of unproductive time preparing and faxing her timesheets and expense claims.

“Why can’t all this be done online?” she asked.

Our founder, Michael Gois, was working back then as a full-time developer and didn’t have too much spare time, but the challenge intrigued him. He recognised that, however frustrating the process might be for contractors, it was surely many times worse for those at the hiring end.

He embarked on a personal project to build a browser-based solution. Evenings, weekends, commute time – every spare moment devoted until, eventually, Timesheet Portal was born.

We launched the business in 2009 without market research or fanfare, with the simple desire to help companies who need pay and bill for time worked by their internal or external workforce. Fifteen years, over 1000 clients and untold thousands end users, we can say with confidence that the challenge was worthwhile. The time spent building the solution has made a difference.

Our growth over the years has been entirely organic. We have developed many of our modules and individual features within those modules in response to the needs of our customers. We continue to grow because we love making software tools that help other businesses run more efficiently.

Our Mission

Our goal is to save your company time and money by providing simple interfaces for entering, reporting and exporting data. The key to this success is to also eliminate as much manual intervention from your processes such as time management, expenses, billing and project management. 

Having started as a timesheet solution, we continue to expand into different areas of business where we see there is a demand. Based on the feedback and needs of our clients, our modular-based system now provides the following functionality:

  • Time tracking
  • Expense claims
  • Time-off bookings
  • Flexitime management
  • Client billing
  • Contractor self-billing & payroll preparation
  • Document storage, management and document signing

Our customer base extends well beyond UK borders into Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East and Asia. We cover all industries including consultancies, government bodies, recruitment agencies, manufacturing and more.

Our Values

Our company came to exist out of seeking to help. And to this day this remains our key priority. Having built our software with the user in mind, we are capable of constantly improving our services while keeping our prices fair and highly competitive. 

At Anfold Software, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We are advocates of transparency, honesty and empathy, therefore all we do is aimed towards bettering the lives of those around us.

Offering you the best user experience and customer service is a top priority. You can always count on expert support at our UK-based helpdesk, as our support team sit right next to the very people who write the software.

We stay engaged with our customers, using feedback to develop our product to ensure it is on top of our clients’ needs. The influence of client voices has helped direct our technical roadmap towards a product flexible enough to meet the needs of any business. 

We are growing by helping you grow. This is why our customers are at the core of all we do.

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