Approval-Driven Online Expense Claims System for Contractors

Our expense module allows contractors to submit their expenses online, and these can be recharged to your clients.
We've got all the tools to make expense claims a simple process with a full audit trail of approvals.

Submit Expense Claims Online

Contractors can submit expense claims on the move or from our desktop site, and have them approved by clients.

Bulky expense claims are made easy with bulk receipt upload and statement import facilities.

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Features Expenses Recharge Reimburse[1]

Recharge and Reimburse

Expense categories can be configured as rechargeable, reimbursable or both.

Rechargeable expenses are automatically included in client invoices, and reimbursable expenses can be configured as recharge or disbursements, adhering to appropriate VAT rules.

Mileage & Foreign Currency

Automatically calculate mileage distances and apply appropriate mileage rates for contractors on the move.

Claims can be made in multiple currencies and reported on in your base currency.

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