Staff Holiday Leave Management & Time Off Tracking

Book, approve and manage your workforce's holidays and off days with Timesheet Portal. Our platform is accessible through desktop browsers or portable devices, making it a trustworthy tool no matter where you are.

Time-off Bookings

Book and approve employee holidays from your desk or on the move by mobile phone. With the Timesheet Portal software, you can instantly check and track your own and your staff's holiday allowances from anywhere in the world online.

Forget about the dread of calculating carryover holiday and instead configure rules for having it done automatically. We help you manage a global workforce by configuring multiple calendars with differing public holidays for each region. In addition, you can also enforce mandatory holiday bookings when your office shuts down over Christmas or summer periods.

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Make it Simple

Emails are easily lost, and employees’ holidays that were not accounted for result in lost revenue. Our holiday leave management & tracker software allows easy booking of time off that is equally easily approved. We let you build an easy multiple-stage approval process and any time off whether requested or approved can then be easily identified in team calendars.

Throw away your spreadsheets, and let us manage your workforce holidays. Calculate carry-over balances with capping rules, access graphical views of your employee's booked leave and centralise the view of the team’s availability. All and more with Timesheet Portal.

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