Online Timesheets for Recruitment Agencies

Timesheet Portal provide a flexible timesheet structure, so you can track time in the best way that simplifies your billing and meets your own client's requirements.

Highly Configurable Time Tracking

Online timesheets to capture your contractor's / temp's time spent on client work. Fill in timesheets online or clock in and out using our mobile app with GPS recording.

Configure timesheet rules so you can limit the hours entered by workers, and track standard rates, overtime rates, and more.

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Timesheets on the Move

Our easy to use mobile app and mobile website will ensure your contractors can access and submit their timesheets wherever they are. Timesheets can be generated by filling them in manually or by clocking in and clocking out.

Getting approval from your clients is easy with our multiple approval processes - approval by email, by SMS (text message) and through the mobile or desktop site. Your approvers will love having the power to approve timesheets where and when it suits them.

Automatic Overtime

Relying on workers to understand your overtime rules is a tricky job, but letting Timesheet Portal understand those rules is simple. Workers only need to fill in their start and end times, and we'll take care of the rest.

Overtime rules can can be configured to trigger when work starts at certain times, or when a worker works above specified number of hours in a day or week, or rules based on a combination of the above, including minimum shift pay and maximum shift pay.

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Timesheets Approval And Submission[1]

Client Approval & Submission

Clients can approve timesheets online, by email or by text message, whatever suits them best. Support for single and multiple stage approvals.

Clients can also submit timesheets on behalf of their workers if required, as a single or bulk submission.

Automated Reminders

No need to chase your workers and clients anymore, we'll take care of that. We have a range of different automated reminders that kick in at different times to remind your users what they need to do.

Notifications can go out by email and text message, and unsubmitted timesheets can be easily identified.

You can also run online reports to track unsubmitted timesheets and unapproved timesheets so you can start (and finish) your pay and bill cycle sooner.

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