Contractor Time & Billing for Recruitment Agencies

Invoicing is a sinch with Timesheet Portal. Our client invoicing module will speed up your billing processes and save you many hours.
Our aim is to remove all manual elements of your billing process, so you can rely on an efficient automated system to do your work.

Billing Made Easy

Client invoices can be generated with just a few clicks, and our invoicing module is loaded with features to speed up your billing.

Generate invoices the way your clients want to receive them, grouped by purchase order, by contract or by site, and more.

Create bespoke invoice templates so you can bill from different companies within a group on a single account, and further customise the line item descriptions.

Configure billing contacts per client, site or per contract and email your invoices in bulk.

Client Invoicing Easy And Simple[1]
Recruitment Features Invoicing Export[1]

Export to Xero, Sage & Quickbooks

No need to manually crunch invoices in your accounting package, because we'll do all the hard work for you in seconds.

Timesheet Portal can easily export to Sage, Xero and Quickbooks. We'll keep your invoice numbers synchronised and post items to the correct ledgers against your desired tracking categories in your accounting software.

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