Timesheet Portal and Xero - Automate Billing and Payroll Cycle

Timesheet Portal and Xero give you the power to populate your sales and purchase invoices in Xero using approved time and expense data.

Stronger Together

Seamlessly export your client invoices and contractor invoices to Xero with the click of a button. Our Xero integration takes away the time and pain of manually creating invoices in Xero, and gives you the power to generate your invoices in Xero exactly as you would when performing the task manually. You can map entities such as cost centre, client category and more to Xero tracking categories, and use different nominal codes for different types of entities. Clients and vendors are created automatically in Xero, and company details including address are populated in Xero. Exports are initiated with a single click, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

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About Xero

Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business.

  • Get a real-time view of your cashflow. Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet of phone to get a real-time view of your cash flow. It’s small business accounting software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.
  • Run your business on the go. Use our mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims - from anywhere.
  • Get paid faster with online invoicing. Send online invoices to your customers - and get updated when they’re opened.
  • Reconcile in seconds. Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click ok to reconcile.

Find out more or try Xero Accounting Software for free.

Quick Export of Client Invoices

As soon as your sales invoices have been generated in Timesheet Portal, you can export these straight into Xero, with the click of a button. Timesheet Portal can use the Xero generated invoice numbers so you're fully synchronised.

Vendor Invoice Export

If you are generating self billing invoices for PSCs and Umbrella companies, our integration with Xero will ensure you don't have to manually enter any purchase invoices in Xero. Simply export directly from Timesheet Portal, ready for reconciliation.

Expenses Export

Use Timesheet Portal to log your expenses, in the same place your workers log their time and book their holidays. Expenses can be exported to Xero with the click of a button, generating purchase invoices so you can link items to correct nominal codes defined by expense category.

What is Timesheet Portal?

Timesheet Portal provide time & expense tracking and pay & bill for businesses that run projects and recruitment agencies with a contractor workforce. Time and expenses can be submitted on the go through mobile or desktop, and approval is fast and easy, via email or through the application online. For project organisation, our comprehensive reports allow you to manage your projects better by reporting on utilisation and budget usage. Recruitment agencies benefit from a faster pay cycle using our automated invoice generation and reports on margin and consultant commission. Timesheet Portal makes your business run more efficiently by automating your manual pay and bill processes.

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How to Connect

Follow these steps to connect your Timesheet Portal account to Xero:

  • Log in as an administrator
  • Use the left hand menu to access the Settings section
  • Find Integrated Apps, click and then clik on Xero
  • Click on the Connect button to create your connection. Xero will ask you to confirm authorisation at this point.
  • Once authorised, you can now enabled individual export types to Xero
  • For example, to enable Client Invoicing, click the Client Invoicing slider, and then click Configure

As a minimum, you will need to select a default Xero account code for exporting to, as well as linking your tax rates.
Further details on configuration and exporting to Xero can be found within the Timesheet Portal help guide, under the Xero Integration section.

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