Free Time Management Tools, Case Studies and Resources

Timesheet Portal provides online timesheets & expenses for your business, allowing you to bill faster and analyse your project spend in detail.
We also provide tools for managing pay and employee onboarding. Feel free to make use of our free tools.

Free Invoice Generator Tool

This free invoice tool is designed for contractors and small businesses who want to produce an invoice without hassle. Produce non-VAT or VAT PDF invoices which conform to the UK HMRC VAT rules. This service is completely free, and you do not need to register nor provide your email address to use it.

Guide to Planning and Managing Any Project

This is a free eBook on how SaaS technology contributes to smoother and streamlined project management practices. In this guide, you can expect to find information on how to employ and manage an external team. It will also walk you through building your own SaaS stack.

A Guide to Modernising a Consultancy

In this guide, we will be talking about how to innovate your consultancy and scale it in today's competitive environment. Our aim is not to provide a one-off solution, but to help you build the right processes you will then continue optimising as you go to continue growing.

An Employer's Guide to Time Off Management

This eBook for employers is meant to highlight the importance of annual leave and other forms of the holiday. Inside, we are exploring different options of time off management and helping you choose the one that works best for your business.

Consultancy Scaling Infographics

This is a set of a total of 9 infographics, covering 3 aspects of a consultancy: growth, finances and project management. Put in an easy-to-read format, the tips and insights we offer have been hand-picked to support your consultancy's growth. 

Digital Transformation in Recruiment

In this free eBook, we are exploring how is the recruitment sector affected by digital transformation. We discuss its significance to recruitment firms, talk about the best software stacks and share success stories.

A Guide to Business Expense Management

Difficult or unclear expense claim processes cost companies millions every year. In this free guide, we are introducing our innovative take on business expense management and will share tips on how to adopt it.

A Modern Project Manager's Handbook

The traditional practices of project management are outdated. To be successful, you need to be innovative. This guide offers project managers a new perspective on the industry and is meant to inspire them to be the change it needs.

Effective Workplace Absence Management

Stop losing money to absenteeism - it's time you solve it once and for all by addressing the root of the problem. This guide will help you identify and address this costly employee behaviour, building a better, happier workplace. 

Secrets of Successful Business Automation

Business automation is mandatory for businesses seeking long-term success and scalability. Whether you are starting your journey or are stuck midway through, this guide will help you make automation work for you.

Beginner's Guide to Business Automation

Automation makes your life easier. In fact, we are steadily breezing past the point when companies could rely on handling everything manually and remain competitive. Now is the time to start. And if you're unsure where from - this eBook is for you.

Hybrid Model is the Future of Employment

Although a by-pass product of the pandemic, the hybrid model has taken over our everyday lives. In this eBook, we will be exploring what makes it an optional solution and why businesses should embrace it fully. 

Build, Manage and Lead Top Performing Teams

Employing the right people isn't enough to bring your company success. What truly matters is building a team. This ebook shares tips and tactics on how to achieve that.

Does Your Agency Need a Work Scheduling Tool?

Work scheduling tool is a handy tool for some. Others, however, deem it useless. In this ebook, we explore what kind of agencies benefit the most from using it.

Employee Well-being in Today's World

We've become more aware of employee well-being and its importance in business success. In this eBook, we discuss how to keep the momentum going and nurture a healthy environment.

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