Pay Assist

Our pay assist module is for companies with a workforce that are paid by the hour or day. Combined with the timesheets and expenses module, which captures time worked and expenses incurred, you can then create pay runs, either as supplier invoices or exportable to payroll software.

Self Billing

For contractors operating as limited companies or working through an umbrella agency, Timesheet Portal will generate your supplier invoices so you can pay faster.

Invoices can be generated per contractor, or as a consolidated invoice with multiple contractors sent to your umbrella providers. These are easily exportable directly into your favourite accounting packages. Take it a step further and digitally sign your self billing agreements and contractor terms using our document signing integration with LegaleSign.

Holiday accrual and holiday pay

Manage holiday accruals for varying hour contracts within Timesheet Portal, providing an easy way to quickly view your worker's available balance and request pay.

Whether you want to accrue holidays in time units or as a monetary balance, Timesheet Portal can help. Approved holiday pay can be exported into payruns and directly to your payroll software, so you do not need to record it separately in your payroll software.

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