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Project edition puts you in control of your project spending. It supplies you with real-time data on labour costs and business expenses by providing online project timesheets and expense tracking wherever your workforce is located. Use Project to bill your clients faster and export your invoices directly into your accounting software. Additionally, trust it to perform in-depth analysis across projects, and sectors, track project activities, segment workers by roles and provide a smooth time tracking experience.

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Manage business costs & budgets efficiently with our project timesheet and expense management software

Timesheet Portal gives you live tracking of your project costs. Labour, workforce availability, expenses, and many more.

Available whenever you need it.

Online Timesheets

Track time in your preferred way with our software. Whether it's in days, hours or a combination of units, we can accommodate you. Our system can also accommodate rate types, such as overtime.

Online Expenses

Log project and non-project expenses on the move. We help you easily calculate mileage, bulk upload and store receipts, and approve or reject expenses.  Available as a desktop or mobile app.

Time-off Bookings

No more back-and-forth email holiday requests. Book and approve leave at a centralised location instead. With Timesheet Portal, you can manage carryover and leave allowances with ease.

Client Invoicing

Generate invoices from recorded time & expenses with a couple of clicks. We offer a wide range of customisable invoice templates as well as an option to create your own from the scratch.

Employee Onboarding

Sign documents digitally and use our centralised store for employment contracts and other documents. Our system will help you keep track of expiration dates and stay compliant.


We help you manage flexible working hours with no effort. From accumulating time and taking it off at a later stage to maintaining boundaries with timesheet rules, we have your needs covered.

Highly Configurable Time Tracking

Our online timesheets allow you to capture your worker's time spent on projects. Fill in timesheets online or clock in and out using our mobile app with GPS recording.

Configure timesheet rules so you can limit the hours entered by workers. When task budgets have been reached, they will automatically close and notify project managers.

Project Features Time Tracking[1]
Project Features Expense Recording[1]

Online Expense Forms

Keep track of your project expenses with easy submission through a web browser or through a mobile app. Upload receipts directly from your phone as you incur expenses, calculate travel distances using start and end locations and add VAT where relevant.

Import credit card statements so you don't have to manually enter all your expenses. Don’t worry about different claim currencies either - they can be changed within your expense forms.

Time-off Bookings

Book and approve holidays from your desk or by mobile phone on the move. Instantly check your own and your team's holiday allowances, and configure rules for carryover holidays.

Manage a global workforce by configuring multiple calendars with differing public holidays for each region. Enforce mandatory holiday bookings when your office shuts down over Christmas, or summer periods or when your staff refuse to claim their holiday entitlement.

Project Features Time Off Bookings[1]
Project Features Client Billing[1]

Client Billing

Bill your clients for time and expenses incurred on your projects. It only takes a few clicks to generate and distribute invoices with Timesheet Portal.

This module is supported by our wide range of integrations with the most popular accounting packages. Export invoices into Xero, Sage 50, Sage One, QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online to build seamless workflows.

Project Reporting

Keep on top of your project costs, through live cost & revenue bar charts. You can either use pre-built templates or create downloadable reports from scratch to analyse your workforce utilisation and productivity.

Timesheet Portal offers over 50 different reports for more efficient business and project management. And we don’t limit the number of custom-made reports you can build with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Project Features Time And Cost Analysis[1]
Project Features Document Management[1]

Document Management

Keep all your documents in one place. Our document management software allows your workers to upload documents (e.g passports for HR purposes), as well as store project documents.

Track expired documents through our document management interface, and prevent submission of timesheets until required working documents are uploaded.

Project Analysis

What is costing the most on your project? How much budget is remaining? Who's the most productive employee? These are the sorts of questions Timesheet Portal will help you answer.

Monitor your project spending and revenue through our graphical interfaces. Dive deeper into the detail with downloadable reports in CSV and Excel format. Keep on top of your budgets and control your spending.

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Project Features Pay Assist Payrun[1] (1)

Pay Assist

We take the pain out of contractor pay so you can focus on managing your projects better. Timesheet Portal can accommodate limited company workers and contractors, as well as PAYE.

Generate self-billing invoices or standard reports which show how much your workers are due to be paid based on approved time and expenses. We can also generate and export payroll information into your payroll packages for PAYE workers.

What our customers say

"Using this service has improved the efficiency and efficacy of our company, really easy to use"
Rita Scalas | Iberdrola
"The team gave us a system that met our very demanding requirements. It gave us the opportunity to report in a much more detailed manner."
Andrew Sherlock | Arcadis
"We’ve saved huge amounts of time internally and increased sales"
Richard Grace | Gordon Yates

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