Slash Your Pay & Bill Processing Time

Timesheet Portal makes pay and bill easy. With just a few clicks, you can generate your client invoices, supplier self bills and export all into your favourite accounting package.

See how easy it is to save time & money.

Slash Your Pay & Bill Processing Time
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Supercharge Your Middle Office Processes

Timesheet Portal is a middle office application, bridging the gap between your contract generation to pay and bill.
Over 350 recruitment agencies save time and money everyday using Timesheet Portal.

Faster Pay Cycle

No manual data entry into your accounting systems. Use our automated bill & pay functions and consultant margin reports to give you back the time you need.

Eliminate Human Error

Manual inputting and calculation mistakes cost money and reputation. Our seamless links to other software and automated overtime calculations will give you a smoother ride.

Centralised Pay & Bill

Keep all your records in one place. We are your one-stop shop for payroll data, client invoices and even contractor onboarding documents, such as signed terms and passport copies.

Faster Pay & Bill Cycle

Generate invoices within a few clicks, and email them straight to your clients with timesheets and expenses attached.

Generate contractor self bills and payrun exports and export straight to your accounts and payroll packages.

Recruitment Benefits Faster Pay And Bill Cycle[1]
Recruitment Benefits No More Manual Data Entry[1]

Eliminate Human Error

We'll make sure you've invoiced all your clients, and we'll ensure you pay and bill the right amounts. You can bill partial timesheets one month and we'll find the rest to bill later. No more lost timesheets or duplicated invoices.

We can can calculate your overtime automatically from time recorded in Timesheets, using rules defined for each placement.

Centralised Pay & Bill

Timesheet Portal provides a single place for you to manage all aspects of pay and bill. This is not just limited to the final processes of issuing invoices and generating payrun exports, but also to capturing essential temporary worker's information such as entering bank details or uploading company registration documents.

Contractors can use Timesheet Portal to download their self billing inoices and PAYE temps can view their accrued holidays and request holiday pay.

Recruitment Benefits Centralised Pay And Bill[1]

What our customers say

"Using this service has improved the efficiency and efficacy of our company, really easy to use"
Rita Scalas | Iberdrola
"The team gave us a system that met our very demanding requirements. It gave us the opportunity to report in a much more detailed manner."
Andrew Sherlock | Arcadis
"We’ve saved huge amounts of time internally and increased sales"
Richard Grace | Gordon Yates

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