Timesheet Portal Recruitment Edition is for Everyone

Thanks to our flexible pricing plan and vast range of features, Timesheet Portal can be adapted to meet the requirements of any temping/contract agency looking to streamline their pay and bill operations. 


Our construction clients typically benefit from our features available for bulk submission by agency staff or site managers as well as CIS functionality for self billing and automated overtime calculations.

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Information Technology

IT contracting recruitment agencies benefit from our highly integrated pay and bill solutions, using on onboarding capabilities to capture PSC contractor details and raising self billing invoices.

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Health and social care recruitment keep our critical services running smoothly, which makes Timesheet Portal the perfect software for tracking time, calculating overtime and providing a smooth pay and bill cycle.

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Recruitment in the education sector is fast-paced, often with short term bookings leaving little time for onboarding. Timesheet Portal eases the pain with simple intuitive timesheets and onboarding for your workforce. 

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Public Sector

Public sector organisations are the core of modern society. Ranging across different spheres, the public sector works towards structuring our lives as we know. 

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Financial Services

Our pay and bill software takes the laborious task of manual invoicing off your hands, taking data put in digital timesheets and generating automatic invoices that are highly customisable and capable of meeting the specific needs of any business.

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Leisure and Retail

Perfect for shift workers, Timesheet Portal offers a great alternative for unreliable paper timesheets and adds a layer of protection against malpractice like buddy punching.

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What our customers say

"Using this service has improved the efficiency and efficacy of our company, really easy to use"
Rita Scalas | Iberdrola
"The team gave us a system that met our very demanding requirements. It gave us the opportunity to report in a much more detailed manner."
Andrew Sherlock | Arcadis
"We’ve saved huge amounts of time internally and increased sales"
Richard Grace | Gordon Yates

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