Timesheet Portal Blog Archive - 10/2020 - 12/2020

Timesheet Portal is a provider of online timesheets, expenses and holiday bookings. Browse below to view our latest industry blog posts as well as software updates.

Upcoming Changes of Self Billing Settings

We are changing our self billing module for easier access. Read inside to be prepared for the update.

Upcoming Timesheet Control Changes

Check this update to learn about changes in the structure of timesheet controls. We would appreciate your feedback on it.

3 Tips on Managing Employee Time Off Over the Christmas Period

The Christmas period can get very stressful for employers, leaving little to no festive spirit to enjoy. However, if you start planning employee time off ahead of time, it can be easily averted.

Bulk Upload of Expense Receipts

Check out our latest updates for handling expense receipts. We are sure you will be pleased to learn the smoother and quicker operations we now offer.

Manual Data Entry Problems and Solutions

Digital transformation begins with the automation of small everyday tasks - just as data entry.

Life After Furlough. Back-to-Work Guide

Back in March, millions of people in the UK were placed on the government’s furlough scheme, introduced to support both employers and employees during the pandemic. If you’re in a position to continue employing staff, you need to make sure that they are re-onboarded and supporte...

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