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How Technology is Changing the Workplace

Do you ever stop to wonder how technology is changing the workplace? We do. This article is reviewing the recent changes it has driven, as well as pondering what will the future look like.

7 Essential Elements of an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is unique to every business for it describes the company's values, culture and procedures. However, every company has a set of fundamental policies that need to be included in a handbook. And this blog post lists them.

Quick Guide to a Flexitime Policy Implementation in Your Workplace

Flexitime is steadily becoming the new normal and it will not go away. Will you go ahead with a flexitime policy implementation or will you fall behind your competitors? The choice is yours...

Invoicing Payment Terms Options

Timesheet Portal now offers the ability to set varying payment terms for client invoices and self billing invoices. More information inside.

7 Quick Wins of Invoice Automation Adopters

The technology of today is capable of taking the labour of putting together and distributing invoices off your hands. Are you ready to embrace invoice automation?

5 Reasons to Use an Electronic Document Management System

Going digital is proven to help boost the efficiency of a business. And switching to an electronic document management system is a great first step.

A Guide to Claiming R&D Tax Relief

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how R&D claims work, how much relief you could receive and what does the process look like.

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