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Best Software for Managing Remote Workers

It's already clear that the future of workplaces is hybrid. This is why we are delivering you this list of the best tools for managing remote workers.

Building a Hybrid Workplace That Works

The hybrid model is here to stay, therefore it's best to adapt to it now, at the early stages. In this article, we'll help you start building a hybrid workplace of the future.

Technical Solutions to Embracing Hybrid Onboarding

Moving forward, it's expected that most businesses maintain the hybrid working model. Naturally, this calls for optimisation on core processes. And in this article, we will be exploring hybrid onboarding.

Solving the Issue of Inefficient Project Reporting

What is your project reporting looking like? Chances are you're a victim of inefficient practices. And we are here to guide you.

A Guidebook to Building an Automated Workplace

Automation is more than adopting digital tools. It's how you choose, connect and use them. This and other tips on building an automated workplace inside.

4 Examples of Remarkable Employee Onboarding Processes

Looking for a way to optimise your employee onboarding processes? Let us inspire you with some brilliant samples.

Improve Staff Productivity Through Process Automation

Let's explore less obvious ways in which process automation drives productivity. Not just the fact it saves time.

The Importance of Approval Workflows

The approval process, whether it's for timesheets, expenses or something else, can be made smoother and less tasking. Allow us to introduce you to streamlined approval workflows.

Adjusting Your Agency to New Off-payroll Regulations

The year that was given to the private sector to adjust to changes in the IR35 ends in April 2022. This is an extensive guide for recruitment agencies to re-assess their readiness and compliance.

4 Things a Recruitment Agency Must Be Aware of Post Tax Reform

In order to comply, you must educate yourself on the major and minor details of the bill to understand how each affects your agency.

Best Attendance Systems for HR Departments

A right attendance system is the best way to kick off the process of digital transformation in HR.

Digital Solutions That Prevent Buddy Punching

Most systems are easily tricked by buddy punching. A digital time tracking software, on the other hand, isn't.

How-to Deal With Poor Staff Attendance

Poor staff attendance can be crushing to businesses. In this article, we share advice on how to solve this issue.

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