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Key Features a Good Engineering Project Software Should Have

It's difficult to navigate a wide market, especially when you aren't used to software shopping. In this article, we advise the reader on what features to prioritise when choosing an engineering project software.

Project Management Solution for Manufacturers

We are no strangers to cloud-based solutions. However, the manufacturing industry is still hesitant on adopting this technology, sticking to traditional software. Let us prove you're missing out by not switching to a cloud-based project management solution.

Best Time and Attendance Systems for Manufacturing Companies

This is a condensed list of top qualities to look out for in time and attendance systems. The article is mostly aimed at manufacturing businesses, but can certainly be of use for other industries too.

Introducing Manufacturing Time Tracking Systems to Your Business

People are opposed to change, but change is needed. Especially in digitising the manufacturing industry. In this blog, we will help you drive the change by introducing time tracking systems to your teams.

SaaS Solutions to Innovate the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector

It is no longer an option for the manufacturing and engineering sectors to go on without digitally transforming their back office. SaaS solutions are designed to help with the process, but the size of the market makes it difficult to start. Let us guide you to your first step.

Timesheet Software for Manufacturing Projects

The manufacturing industry is severely behind in terms of back-office innovation. Adopting timesheet software would be a good first step to get the digitisation ball rolling.

Best Time-tracking Tools for Better Productivity

Productivity is one of the most difficult things to measure due to how unique it is to every business. One thing is for sure - you need time-tracking tools to truly access your current situation and to improve it moving forward. This piece compares some of them to help you make a...

5 Affordable but Flexible Time Tracking Tools

Good software doesn't equal expensive software. We are happy to present a list of the top 5 flexible time tracking tools that won't break your budget but will undoubtedly alleviate your performance.

Best Digital Timesheet Solutions to Integrate with QuickBooks

If you're a QuickBooks user and looking for the best digital timesheet solution to integrate with it - look no further. We have cherry-picked top 4 solutions in our opinion.

What is a Good Time Tracking App for a Small Business?

Choosing the right software is vital for small businesses as it will directly contribute to their future success. One tool that shouldn't be skipped is a time tracking app. This article will teach you how to find the best one.

4 Tips on Irregular Rate Timesheet Calculation

Irregular rate timesheet calculation is almost synonymous with headaches. The good news is that there's a way to change it. And we are happy to share some good tips on achieving that.

New Design to Timesheets

As part of our big cosmetic changes, we have updated the timesheet section layout. Check inside to learn what has changed and where to find the buttons that were shifted elsewhere.

Client, Task & Placement Notes

We have expanded our notes feature. Check inside to learn where else on the platform can you find them and how to access this feature.

Stepping Away from Military Time

We are happy to announce our users are no longer forced to adjust to the military time system in Timesheet Portal. If you are more comfortable with the AM/PM cycles, you cand utilise them in your timesheets.

Tax Rate Groups for US and Canadian Clients

We are introducing tax rate groups to accommodate tax requirements in countries with a base rate and local rate,such as the USA or Canada.

Major UI Changes to the Employee Onboarding Pages

We are introducing major UI changes on the Employee Onboarding interface. Check this article out to learn more.

How to Find the Best Time Tracking Software for Low-Budget Projects?

Low-budget projects call for sacrificing one's results by limiting resources such as digital tools involved. In this article, we'll guide you in finding the best cost-effective time tracking software.

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