Timesheet Portal Blog Archive - 10/2019 - 12/2019

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Changes to Mileage Expense Claims

We have tweaked our mileage expense claims procedure, making it easier and smoother for you. To avoid confusion, we strongly recommend checking this article to understand what's changed.

5 Easy Tricks to Better Project Cost Management

Digital transformation in project cost management is now vital for delivering good results. Read these easy to implement tips to get ahead of the competition.

Unlimited Holiday Allowance Myths

The business world is full of fads and unlimited holiday allowance is one of them. Is it worth it for you to chase it? This article will answer your question.

IR35 (Off-payroll) and Timesheet Portal

The prospect of IR35 is threatening. But we plan on a series of changes to our software to make it accommodating for the parties affected.

Import Card Statements into Expense Claims

We have added another feature that eases the process of expense claims. Read inside to find out more about card statement imports and how to run them.

Additional AWR Notifications

Keep yourself on top of AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) by ensuring you keep the relevant parties notified whenever a worker's status is nearing or falls under AWR parity status

October 2019 Release Wrap-up

Another batch of updates to our platform has been released. Find them listed inside to ensure your day-to-day workflows don't get interrupted.

Benefits of Multipurpose Business Reporting Software

Reporting enables a 360-degree view of how your actions affect different parts of your company, as well as highlights what processes are less than others and where the opportunities lay. And business reporting software makes it easy.

Invoice Per Purchase Order

Timesheet Portal now provides an option for recruitment agencies, consultancies and other businesses to produce invoices grouped by purchase order. More information inside.

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