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The Hybrid Workplace of Today

Despite being developed as a temporary solution, the hybrid workplace became the permanent setup for many companies. Alas, it has changed in comparison to its primary form too. Learn more about its status today in this article.

4 Project Management Solutions for Construction

In today’s world, digital tools are a necessity to deliver construction projects. However, the market is filled with all kinds of solutions, making it hard to choose the right one. In this article, we will provide project managers with the list of tools they need to deliver succe...

Project Managers Shape the Construction Industry

There is no denying that a project manager is one of the most important people in any construction industry. The overall success of a project delivery rests heavily on their shoulders. And, in fact, the very future of the industry does too.

What Causes Delays in Construction Projects?

Many things can delay a construction project. They range from weather conditions, supply chain issues, workplace injuries and many more. But you can put some preventative measures in place.

Interface Changes to Employee and Pay Run Preparation Records

We have some exciting development news - we are gradually updating areas of the portal with a more intuitive and easier-to-use interface.

Tools to Build the Future of Construction

Tools don’t just help construct buildings and infrastructure - they are also crucial for building processes that plan, maintain and manage these operations. In other words, to secure your business future in the sector, you need to widen your horizons when thinking of tools and th...

Benefits of Digitisation for Construction Firms

Digitisation begins with the mindset and the core of it is understanding its power to turn your business around. In terms of construction, an industry where the transformation is only beginning, an early start can quickly elevate you above the competition. This and many other ben...

Is Construction Still a “Brick and Mortar” Industry?

While the construction sector kept its status as a ‘brick and mortar’ industry, the time for it to change is now. Ultimately, the times of digitisation and automation are catching up, and if you don’t embrace innovation, your business has no chance to remain afloat for long.

The Ultimate Solution to Contractor Management in Construction

While the market is filled with solutions, an industry as niche as construction isn’t as densely populated. In fact, the specialised solutions don’t always make a cut. So, what now? Don’t give up just yet. This blog article is going to walk you through the process of getting the ...

Differentiating Rates and How to Make Them Simple

If you are frequently bringing contractors on board and are among those who are still looking for more effective ways to deal with differentiating rates - this article is for you. We know a way to make the process both quicker and simpler.

What’s the Best Way to Pay Contractors in Construction?

Although there are a vast number of benefits when it comes to bringing contractors on board, there are also new challenges that come along. Mostly to the accounting team.

Digitising the Construction Sector

Digital transformation is now coming to the construction sector, whether you are ready or not. There is no way of stopping it, so the best you can do is embrace and own it.

Improve Your Project Management Efficiency with Time Tracking

One tool isn’t enough to make you a project delivery guru. However, a time tracking solution is absolutely a must-have in a project management tech stack. When in tandem with other tools, it can become a major driver of efficiency.

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