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Improve Project Flow in IT with Digital Timesheets

There are many types of software available, for pretty much every aspect of the business. The key to choosing the right solution is thinking outside the box in the context of your project. While the core principles of a project delivery structure shouldn’t change, there’s room fo...

5 Tips for Smoother Delivery of IT Projects

Project management is not an easy task. Its fluid nature requires you to stay on your toes at all times. No matter how accurate the forecast should have been, things always go awry - from scope creep occurring to struggling to meet deadlines. When it comes to IT projects, the sta...

Customisable Software Drives Effective IT Innovations

The ability to adopt a tool and effectively turn it into what your business needs is incredibly valuable. In other words - customisation. Not only is this meant to save time, but also puts you in control of tailoring your and your team’s experience when utilising the tool.

Benefits of Pay and Bill Software for IT-Focused Recruitment Companies

While mostly covering convenience and safety when it comes to financial operations, the right solution will also help your business improve overall. Pay-and-bill entails automation, which, at the core, is meant to free up your team’s time by shouldering tedious and repetitive tas...

Rate Card Feature

Rate card is a new feature we are proud to introduce. Check inside to learn what it does, how to activate it and where to find it on the platform.

Details of our upcoming new interface design release

We are currently going through a revamp with a brand new user interface to provide you with a simpler and easier to use interface. Our new design is more responsive, in other words it adapts to smaller screens better, and a more accessible design. The concepts seen on these pages...

How to Attract the Best IT Talent?

There are plenty of tips online on how to attract the best talent. We won’t bore you with the basics and will instead share more in-depth points to follow.

Digital Innovation for the IT Industry

Without a doubt, you’ve seen the term digital transformation pop up all over the place in recent years. At some point, you might have even thought it’s another fad that will soon be forgotten. Or maybe you thought your business is fine as it is, without having to transform it. Wh...

How to Choose the Best Expense Management Software?

Finding the tool that suits your unique needs is quite challenging, but it’s not impossible. And in this article, we will help you work out what does the best solution look like to you.

New QuickBooks Mapping Feature

New QuickBooks mapping feature for Clients, Third parties and Contractors. To learn how to access and use it, read this quick summary of the update.

Key Benefits of Invoice and Expense Tracking Software

It may seem a little abundant to invest in software that would only be revolving around a handful of processes, including smaller tasks like invoicing. If you think along these lines, this article is for you.

Expense Management Tools for Smoother Processes

Expense management tools are designed with the purpose of reducing the time spent navigating various nuances related to employee expenditure. While simple in theory, expense reimbursements can be a grey area that severely lacks clarity. Unfortunately, this lack of structure can l...

How to Find the Best Timesheet Apps for Your Project

While the market for timesheet apps can look horrifying for project managers with little to no time, there are ways to navigate it easily. In this article, we will be sharing tips and insights on how to do it.

Deliver Better and Quicker Projects with Timesheet Solutions

Timesheet solutions are a great way to innovate and better project delivery. There are some intricacies in spotting the best tools, however. Let's talk about them.

Killer Tips for Effective Team Performance Analysis

Team performance analysis is crucial to evaluate how are you getting on. It highlights areas that need improvement, creates better rapport and makes moving forward easier and smoother. In this blog, we will share some of our own tips on how to become better at running such analys...

The Importance of Timesheet System in Project Management

Undeniably, time tracking is vital to project management. But there are plenty of ways of doing that. Do you really need a timesheet system or can you get away with a more traditional approach?

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