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All You Need to Know About Holiday Accruals

In this article, we will cover the key things you need to know when it comes to holiday accrual, as well as explore potential different scenarios. We will also talk about ways to make the process easier and what tools you might need, regardless of what your unique circumstances a...

One Solution to Master Holiday Management

Holiday management is easy in theory but can get complicated in practice. There is more to it than simply blocking off a couple of days in the calendar for an employee. Sometimes, it can take much balancing, shifting and calculations to ensure a holiday request doesn’t disrupt th...

When to Enforce Mandatory Time Off?

In this article, we will delve into holiday enforcement to disperse the confusion and wrong assumptions it's shrouded in. Namely, we will be talking about under what conditions you should make your staff take time off and what practices should be followed to ensure it’s done ethi...

Paid Holidays and How They Work

Holiday entitlement is a government regulation that requires an employer to provide their staff with a minimum of 28 days of paid time off. It is a simple concept everyone is familiar with. However, given there is a variety of working conditions, payment nuances, employment types...

Getting Your Business Holiday Season-Ready

The true reason businesses find the holiday season stressful is the lack of preparation for it. It is not as difficult to navigate it even with a limited workforce if you plan ahead. However, most businesses are under the impression they can ‘wing it’. Unfortunately, the reality ...

The Right Price for Timesheet Software

As expected from a market as saturated as that of timesheet software, there is a solution for every price bracket. However, given different vendors will offer different pay models, it can get confusing which solution is more budget-effective.

How Digital Timesheets Improve Your Financial Processes

We often talk about digital timesheets as a tool that will help you deliver projects more efficiently and accurately. However, a topic that isn’t touched upon often is how the same software can help you enhance your internal processes too. This article is going to fix this imbala...

Is Time Tracking Worth an Investment?

You may think we are being biased, but we aim to prove that time tracking is worth the investment of money and effort. The goal of this blog article is to show the best an average timesheet solution can offer and how can it enhance your business.

Choosing the Best Time Tracker for Employees

Time tracking software is something every company can benefit from, and there is naturally a big demand for these tools. While having options is good, too much of everything is another side of the extreme. With that said, finding the best time tracker for your team is a very chal...

5 Best Methods of Time Tracking

Time tracking is hugely beneficial to both, stand-alone projects and your entire business. It gives you a centralised view of your team’s time expenditure, potential gaps in your strategy and where the process could be sped up or improved. Let's explore what's the best way to do ...

How to Use Project Time More Efficiently

There is a way to improve your efficiency when utilising project hours. It’s a trusted scheme that works every time, delivering better results the more you use it. Of course, results take time and practice to emerge, but this is a way we swear by. We don’t like gatekeeping our kn...

Is Time Tracking Bad for Your Team?

Workplace time tracking has a rather bad reputation, especially among employees. But is it really as bad as it’s believed to be? Without a doubt, there are companies using it for embedding not-so-ethical policies, but does that mean time tracking is overall a bad practice? We don...

Tools to Run Projects with Mixed Teams

Teams that are not centralised are more difficult to manage. However, in our modern age, we are blessed with a wide variety of digital tools that make it possible. In fact, the right setup might make mixed teams even more efficient than fully in-person ones.

Why is Time Tracking Controversial?

The thing making time tracking controversial is misunderstanding its purposes. But how do you communicate that to your teams and change their views?

The Hybrid Workplace of Today

Despite being developed as a temporary solution, the hybrid workplace became the permanent setup for many companies. Alas, it has changed in comparison to its primary form too. Learn more about its status today in this article.

4 Project Management Solutions for Construction

In today’s world, digital tools are a necessity to deliver construction projects. However, the market is filled with all kinds of solutions, making it hard to choose the right one. In this article, we will provide project managers with the list of tools they need to deliver succe...

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