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How to Implement Flexible Working Hours

More and more employees are voicing their readiness to change jobs if their workplace revokes flexible working hours and location privileges. It's evident that flexibility is the new normal. Therefore the time to adapt is now.

Why is Cloud Storage Beneficial for a Business?

Tired of paper clutter on your desk? Colleagues disposing of the handouts without reading them drive you mad? It's a sign to move your documents to cloud storage.

Whats the difference between a recharge and a disbursement expense?

A recharge expense is one that is incurred in the process of performing one’s services, but has been agreed to be paid for by the client. A disbursement, on the other hand is an expense which you have paid on behalf of the client. A receipt for a disbursement will always be in th...

3 Tips for Becoming a Better Contractor Recruitment Manager

Becoming a good contractor recruitment manager is a challenge. Professional skills alone don't cut it. Wondering what else it takes to prosper in this title? Find the answer and supporting tips in this article.

How to Track Employee Attendance?

Tracking employee attendance is essential for identifying staff sickness patterns, properly compensating workers and minimising the disruption caused by missing employees.

Attract and Retain Freelance Workers

Both attraction and retention of freelance workers play a huge role for recruiters. In this article, we will explore ways how to get better at both.

Employee Stress and Burnout Prevention

While most associate holidays with relaxation, it is one of the leading causes of employee stress and burnout. Learn how to identify and cope with workaholism that prevents your staff from resting.

Project Workflow Optimisation for Holiday Season

Follow our tips on project workflow optimisation to avoid losing quality to lower work capacity. Holiday season should not affect your deliverables.

Purchase Order Management

Phase 1 of making purchase order management easier is now complete. We have summarised all key changes inside, so make sure to give it a read.

July Release Wrap-up

We are happy to introduce you to yet another batch of upgrades to Timesheet Portal. To find them summarised and explained, check this article - make sure your day-to-day doesn't suffer.

What is Flexible Working?

Everyone seems to talk about flexible working nowadays. But what does it actually entail and does your business need it? These and other common questions are answered in this article.

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