Timesheet Portal Blog Archive - 07/2021 - 09/2021

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Leave Bookings UI Updates & Other Changes

Big news at Timesheet Portal - we have launched a new user interface for our Leave Module. To better your experience of the platform further, we have also made a couple of other tweaks. You can learn more inside of this article.

Benefits of Integrating CRM with Work Management Software

Integrating ATS/CRM with work management software is a futureproofing solution to the scalability of the business.

Timesheet Solutions and How to Choose the Right One

Why would you choose a solution that hinders your productivity and exposes you to risks? Learn how to choose the one that will elevate your business.

5 Reasons to Better Your Candidate Onboarding Process

We are not going to repeat the points that are obvious, such as that effective onboarding enables the employee to get up to speed quicker. Instead, we will be exploring the impact of good practices on the business as a whole.

Expense Management is the Core of a Business

Every business that makes money is also required to spend some. Be it a long-term investment such as an accounting software subscription or budget dedicated to outsourcing people to carry out specific tasks.

Digital Timekeeping in 2024

The best way of achieving effortless, effective and mistake-free internal management is through investing in designated SaaS timekeeping software and mobile apps.

How to Write Constructive Contractor Feedback

Providing honest and detailed feedback during and after the project means getting your needs met quicker as well as building a loyal, long-term partnership with the contractor.

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