Timesheet Portal Blog Archive - 04/2019 - 06/2019

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Self-billing Systems for Recruitment Agencies

Many vital yet non-progressive business processes can be automated. Learn how self-billing systems can improve the performance of recruitment agencies.

Postcode Search on Address Forms

We are further reducing manual data entry, even if it's a tiny bit. Our newest feature is a postcode search available on address forms. Check the update out inside.

May 2019 Updates Wrap-up

You must have noticed many changes in our system. Check this article to access the full list of updates introduced.

How to Minimise False Sick Leave in the Workplace

Employees choosing to take false sick leave is financially damaging to your business. But, more importantly, it indicates there are more deeply rooted issues within your organisation.

How to Fast Track Invoice Payments

Late invoices can put your business under financial strain. But there are ways of ensuring you're paid on time.

Bank Account Validation

This is another update to speed up your pay runs. Learn all about the new bank account validation service inside. Unfortunately, it's only available for UK accounts.

Self Billing Credit Notes

We are expanding the functionality of our self-billing module by adding self billing credit notes. If you're also relying on accounting packages like Sage, Xero and QuickBooks - you will sure welcome this update.

New Layout for Clients Page

A new layout for Clients page is the first of many upcoming changes to the user interface. We are continuously expanding our capacity and bettering the interface for your convenience.

How to Cut Costs with Employee Expense Management Software

Not having a proper expense claim policy or process in place leaves you more open to mistakes. That can lead to huge financial losses. Learn how to master employee expense management in this article.

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