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When Holiday Requests Come Rolling In

We’ve all been in a situation where it feels like an entire company decided to take a collective annual leave. Whether the holiday requests are all coming in simultaneously or come at different times but requesting the same period off, this all quickly stacks up, requiring you to...

Avoid Being Understaffed This Holiday Season

Have you ever encountered the situation when almost half of your team is on annual leave and you’re barely scraping by without them? You’re not alone. There are certain times a year that are particularly popular for people to take time off work, leaving the companies and their re...

Digitise Holiday Pay Calculations to Save Time

In this article, we will be talking about why automating the process will serve you in a much broader way than just holiday management. In addition to that, we will share our recommendations of what kind of tool would serve the purpose the best and what to focus on when researchi...

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