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Addressing Growing Demand for IT Freelancers

Despite the biggest growth in demand for IT freelancers in two decades, the industry suffers the biggest talent shortages since 2017. Learn how to address this situation as a contract recruiter.

Introducing Automatic Timesheet Delegation

Timesheet Portal is adding another layer of automation to the approval process by introducing the automation timesheet delegation feature. Check inside to get more information.

Nurturing a Healthier Approach to Paternity Leave

Paternity leave remains stigmatised at workplaces. It's your duty to build a progressive environment in which new fathers don't feel bad taking time off to bond with their babies.

Addressing the Employee Burnout Problem

Increased workload, longer hours and dedication to quick yet flawless execution often lead to employee burnout. You, as an employer, are responsible to prevent them.

Beginner's Guide to Adopting Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn't about technology. It's about finding the balance between digital tools and the human approach.

What is Absenteeism and How to Fight It?

Absenteeism is malpractice that can cause issues for managers and teams. The best way to address it - prevention.

Quick Guide to Minimum Holiday Entitlement

In this article, we aim to explain why paid employee time off matters and how to make sure you’re not breaking the law.

Export Invoices to Quickbooks Online

From now on, you can easily export your invoices and other data to Quickbooks thanks to our new Timesheet Portal and Quickbooks Online integration.

Optimising Expense Approval Process

The lack of an effective expense approval process can damage businesses in multiple ways. Ranging from financial losses to bad publicity and changes in the office environment, it poses a lot of risks if left unoptimised.

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