Timesheet Portal Blog Archive - 10/2018 - 12/2018

Timesheet Portal is a provider of online timesheets, expenses and holiday bookings. Browse below to view our latest industry blog posts as well as software updates.

Add Your Own Attachments to Welcome Emails

Welcome emails should be customised to the type of users you onboard, complete with relevant documentation they require. And our latest update makes that achievable.

Easy Access with Google Sign In

You no longer have to create new Timesheet Portal accounts for your end-users. They can easily access the platform via Google Sign In.

Why HR Needs Digital Transformation

There’s still a dauntingly huge number of HR staff relying on Excel sheets. This article discusses why HR is less susceptible to digital transformation and how to instigate it.

7 Benefits of Recruitment Process Automation

From reducing time to hire to never having to worry about invoices, recruitment process automation is aimed at improving your performance.

A New Look for Leave Bookings

We have updated the interface of the leave bookings module. Check inside to learn more.

Expanding Document Signing Features

On popular demand, we have added new functionality to our document signing features. Check the article out to learn more.

More Auditing to Keep You Compliant

Timesheet Portal makes it easier to stay compliant. We've expanded our solution's ability to track and attribute changes for easier auditing. More information indside.

4 Easy Ways to Improve Cyber Security You Didn't Think Of

Don't dismiss the prospect of improving your cyber security because it's 'too costly' or 'takes too much time'. These 4 simple steps are neither but can still protect your effectively.

How to Choose the Right Automation Tool

Business process automation is now essential to every organisation. But the market is heavily saturated with business automation tools, making it challenging to find the one that will truly meet your needs.

The Link Between Staff Wellbeing and Performance

Did you know that mental health concerns are the second most common reason for work absence? Whether it manifests in a form of sick leave or absenteeism, there is a number of steps you can take to prevent it.

Why IR35 Changes are Deemed 'Aggressive'?

It's time we have a better look at the IR35 changes and understand their implication for everyone involved: the contractors, the recruiters and the employers.

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