Interface Changes to Contractor records, email tool and Pay Run Preparation Records

Author: Hannah Francis
Published: 01/01/2024

We are pleased to announce that as part of our ongoing major user interface upgrades, we have 2 new revamped pages - employees (contractors) and payrun preparation. These changes are on our GB3 and GB1 clusters, and next to be rolled out is GB2 cluster on 17th April 10pm GMT. If you do not know what cluster you are hosted on, please check in  Settings > Account

These additions should improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your payroll management operations.

Employee (contractor) page changes

The Employees page on project edition is the same as the contractors page on recruitment edition, but for the purpose of this article we will refer to them as Employees. In addition to upgrades of existing controls, we have also changed some of the layout of the employee edit form to group up similar information together, avoiding the need to click between tabs.

This primary change affects all configuration options relating to timesheets, expenses and leave. The approvers tab has been removed, as you can now configure your approvers for timesheets from the timesheets tab, expense approvers from the expenses tab etc. In general, any configuration options on the old employee form relating to timesheets, expenses or leave, are in their own tabs now. 

For some time now we will be running the new page and old page in parallel. To access the old page, please click on ‘View old employees page". Keep in mind that we'll be gradually phasing it out as we encourage all our users to embrace the enhanced features of the new interface. 

Here is an example of the contractor page, showing all the tabs are now on the left hand side. These have been moved from the top as due to the number of tabs, they have never fitted neatly along the top, particularly on smaller monitors.

Pay Run Preparation

This page has had a complete makeover! In addition to a major user interface look and feel update, we've also added functionality for adding new pay items , adjusting items and a live recalculation of employer deductions as you amend your pay run.

Whilst the payrun prepration page has the same content as previously, there are some small changes you need to be aware of. Firstly, there is no preview before generating a payrun batch. When you configure your filters, you simply press Generate to create the payrun batch. If there are items you need to remove, then you can do so by deleting individual line items within the payrun. 

There is also no longer an edit button. If a payrun is in Draft status, it is editable, much like a timesheet or expense record. Once it is approved, it is no longer editable, unless you put it back into Draft status. This is easily done by clicking on the Actions button, and selecting "Revert to draft".

The new interface changes are designed to give you more flexibility on how you view the figures. A new totals section appears on the right hand side, so you do not need to scroll down to the end of the payrun to view the totals. There is a new "Collapse" link on the top of the payrun, which allows you to hide all the line items for each worker, so you can just view the totals per worker.

Additionally, we've added in a functionality to allow you to create new manual items in a payrun, as well as the ability to edit existing item quantities and rates. 

Most notably however, these changes are part of our introduction to our new Payroll module, which uses the same control.  Our Payroll module is due to be trialed by a small set of customers and we anticipate an official launch closer to the Summer.

The screenshot below shows an example of the new pay run form.


Email Tool

We're excited to share that our Email Tool has undergone a major update! Now more user-friendly, it's easy to navigate and communicate effectively. 

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