5 Affordable but Flexible Time Tracking Tools

Author: Eugenija Steponkute
Published: 31/10/2022
flexible time tracking tools

Having previously told project managers that a small budget shouldn’t deter them from time tracking, we are now supplying them with a sample list of flexible time tracking tools. For a low to no cost, these solutions can easily adapt to your needs and help you deliver projects smoothly as well as supply valuable data for the future. 




We have recently brought up to your attention that no matter how low your project budget is, you should never exclude time tracking from your strategy. This piece goes to prove our point further, presenting you with some of the tools that won’t drain the budget but deliver maximum value. Please keep in mind that the list has been compiled based on our personal opinions that may or may not be applicable to your business specifically. 

One thing we want to note is that different solutions will have different target audiences, which you will notice as you read this article. Just because you operate in a different industry than the one they cater to shouldn’t scare you off. Ultimately, what you’re seeking to get is the functionality that enhances your processes and if the solution fits your needs, you shouldn’t dismiss it for not being targeted at your sector. And although we’re repeating ourselves here, this is something we REALLY want you to remember:

Time Tracking Tools Won’t Drain Your Budget

Or, rather, they shouldn’t. Just like with everything, there are solutions fitting within different price ranges. However, the more expensive tool isn’t guaranteed to perform better just because it’s packed with powerful features. In fact, when it comes to time tracking, simplicity is the way to go. The very basic functionality is often what provides the flexibility you seek; and the more basic the solution is, the less it costs. 

In other words, the market for time tracking software is unique in a way - less costing solutions can often come on top of the pricier ones in terms of flexibility. Being less packed with complex functionality, they are easier to adjust to your existing processes as you are expected to do all the footwork. Which, again, is another cost-saving factor. 

  1. Timesheet Portal

At Timesheet Portal, we pride ourselves on the flexibility and customisation options we offer. From login pages to invoices to reports, you can adjust almost anything within our solution to your liking and branding. We don’t mean visual aspects alone - we mean the entire structure, processes and many more. Each of the customisable modules also comes with a set of templates you can either use as they are or edit. And, of course, you can create your own. 

Our approach to pricing is similar as we don’t like limiting the people we work with. Instead of the usual pre-set service packages, our clients build their own. This way they literally only pay for the features they are using, and can easily either upgrade or downgrade within the platform. Not to mention, there’s also a list of integrations our customers can choose from; this way saving time and cost in putting their tech stack together. 

  1. Homebase

This is easily the most affordable solution on the list - it is free. Homebase is a hospitality-specific solution, but if your business is in another sector, you might still give it a try as it’s flexible enough to serve other industries focusing on on-site work. The free plan covers one location, providing you with timesheets and time clocks, a scheduling tool and messaging. There are also three paid plans, each offering more in-depth functionality such as onboarding, performance tracking, internal communication and many more. 


The caveat is that paid packages are, similarly to the free plan, only bound to one location. Meaning that if you want to, for example, utilise them in three locations, you will need to pay triple the price. In other words, it is not a great solution for spread-out businesses as it can get very expensive very quickly. 

  1.  Bill4Time 

Marketed as a legal practice management tool, Bill4Time is well-designed to do exactly what its name suggests. It doesn’t utilise timesheets but instead sticks to timers, as well as allows you to organise the upcoming tasks. It also calculates client revenue and unpaid hours. Dashboard customisation relies on a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to access your key metrics at any given time. Although specifically said to target law firms, we believe this solution could work great for other industries too. 

The Time & Billing package costs 27$ and essentially covers all basic requirements for a decent time-tracking tool. Pricier plans are, indeed, more aimed at legal firms. An additional note to add is that Bill4Time is praised for producing state of art reports - and that alone should pique your interest!

  1. DeskTime

This tool would be particularly interesting to companies that deliver digital projects or the ones whose work is done using the computer. Because, as the name of the tool would imply, it’s designed to track desk time. We found it very interesting that the software is smart enough to evaluate the quality of the said time too, categorising it into productive, unproductive and neutral. Such insights can elevate your team’s performance greatly.

DeskTime is incredibly flexible and has a huge variety of tools to offer, from project management to time and task allocation across the teams. Its pricing model requires you to pay a fee per user, so for smaller companies, this could be a perfect solution. If you’re a one-man army, you can even use it for free. 

  1. Tick

Most time tracking solutions operate across different devices as in our high-paced world we often need accessibility on the go. What makes Tick unique in our eyes is that it goes the extra mile, making time tracking available even on Apple watches and as light as a browser extension. It also has prominent flexibility due to its ability to connect to over 750 internet apps, enabling users to build truly unique tech stacks. 

If you only have one project on your hands, Tick offers a free plan with no user limit and Basecamp integration. As you could guess, the pricing model of this solution is built around the number of projects, though more expensive packages also include the feature of recurring projects. On top of that, all packages, including the free one, come with unlimited tasks, clients and archive space. 


We always highlight that the market for time tracking tools is big and wide. The diversity of solutions on this list confirms that. The way you conduct your research can be stemming from industry-specific tools, budget limitations, the level of support required or a simple preference for the interface arrangements. In other words, there is a time-tracking solution out there for every business with its specific needs.

Additionally, there are also solutions that can be customised into what you need them to be. What’s more, they often come at a more competitive price too due to the fact you will likely be needing to carry all the setup works yourself or be charged extra for it. Whether it’s a good or bad thing largely depends on your expectations. However, one thing is true - the best time tracking tools deliver simplicity and flexibility, enhancing your business processes and growing together with you.

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