Timesheet Portal Has a New Settings Section

Author: Michael Gois
Published: 27/09/2022
new settings section

Our settings section has undergone a major revamp.  A brand new user interface and restructuring of the navigation are designed to provide you with a simpler and easier-to-use system. The new design is more responsive. In other words, it adapts to smaller screens better and makes use of newer technologies to provide a much faster response time. 

Accessibility is one of the key features of Timesheet Portal, and we are making sure the system offers the best user experience across all platforms. The settings section is only the beginning of a series of changes we are bringing. The concepts seen on these pages will slowly be applied to the rest of our site over time, so watch this space.

Never Forget Additional Charges Again

To help you adapt quicker, we've provided a list of all settings pages below whose positions in the menu have moved. Use the left-hand column to find the menu item in the old structure. The right-hand column will tell you where you will find the section in our new layout. Keep in mind that we have not listed every page on the image below as some of them have just moved a level deeper.

Original settings page New settings page
Billing > Invoices Billing & Subscription > Invoices & Payments
Billing > Subscription Modules Billing & Subscription > Subscription modules
Billing > Payment Details Billing & Subscription > Invoices & Payments
Billing > Prices Billing & Subscription > Subscription modules
Billing > Account Usage Billing & Subscription > Invoices & Payments
Branding > Login page Account > Branding
Branding > Custom Theme Account > Branding
Branding > Logos Account > Branding
Clients Clients & placements > Clients
Placements Clients & placements > Placements
Contractors Contractors > General
Intermediary Reporting Contractors > Intermediary reporting
Lists > Contractor groups Contractors > General
Lists > Consultant teams Consultant > Consultant teams
Lists > Consultant split type Consultants > Consultant split types
Lists > Contractor roles Contractors > General
Lists > Employment status types Contractors > General
Lists > Custom contractor field Contractors > General
Lists > Client categories Clients & Placements > Clients
Lists > Branch categories Clients & Placements > Branches
Lists > Placement categories Clients & placements > Placements
Lists > Cost centres Clients & Placements > Cost Centres
Lists > Project Categories Clients & Projects > Projects
Lists > Task Categories Clients & Projects > Tasks
Client invoicing methods Client Invoicing > General settings
Client invoicing delivery types Client Invoicing > General settings
Notifications > General Account > Emails / SMS
Notifications > Scheduled timesheet reminders Timesheets > Scheduled reminders
Notifications > SMS Account > Emails / SMS
Notifications > New user and password reset Account > Emails / SMS
Overtime Rules Timesheets > Overtime rules
Rates &Units > Rate codes Timesheets > Rates & units
Rates & Units > Units Timesheets > Rates & units

For example, we used to have Expenses > Expense Categories. However, the Expense Categories are now in a tab within Expenses. So if you do not find your sub-menu, it will be located as a tab in its respective section. Unless the page was moved, it can still be found within the same category.

Be Part of Future Developments

At Timesheet Portal, we are always looking for ways to give our clients as much value as we can. All of our updates and changes begin with you. Therefore, if you have any complaints, suggestions or would just like to provide feedback - we are waiting to hear from you.

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