7 Benefits of Recruitment Process Automation

Author: Eugenija Steponkute
Published: 21/11/2018
recruitment process automation

Digital transformation is a buzzword seen everywhere for a few years now. In this article, we want to talk to founders, operations managers and recruiters themselves about what it means to them. As well as what will they gain from recruitment process automation. 

Automation is far from a new phenomenon in the recruitment industry. It’s now, however, that the sector is going through the process of a full-blown digital transformation. Whether you choose to play safe or dive right into it and harness the innovation, is completely up to you. But as a rule, the early adopters are those who become thought leaders.

It is scary to go into the unknown. Especially when there’s money and, potentially, careers at the stake. But here’s the truth: the adoption of automation barely poses any risks. At least not ones that carry severe long-term consequences. In fact, the number of benefits it proposes is far greater than the chances of things going wrong. And this is what we want to discuss today.

7 Benefits of Recruitment Process Automation

There are many ways in which you can benefit from automating the recruitment process. Let’s outline key 7:

  1. Intuitive CV Screening and Interviewing

  2. Quick Invoicing

  3. Easy Data Collection

  4. Focus on Relationship Building

  5. Simultaneous Hiring

  6. Reduced Time to Hire

  7. Smoother Collaborations

We will next talk about what makes these points particularly important.

1. Labour-free CV Screening and Interviewing

Have you ever dreamt about not having to review a bunch of CVs? Just to fish out a couple of relevant ones? Are you dreading the back-and-forth emails and phone calls just to secure an interview? Well, here’s the good news - process automation addresses both of these time-consuming tasks. So you no longer have to engage in them.

Candidate screening is probably one of the oldest automation options for the recruitment sector. And it’s getting more advanced as we speak. While basic criteria like keywords remain, the systems also allow you to run skill tests and even personality assessments. If the results of these match the minimum requirements, the candidates will be able to book an interview date. It will be done right on the platform, without your involvement.

2. No More Invoicing Hassle

No one likes invoices. From putting them together to ensuring they’re delivered to the right people on time, the process is dreadful. Invoices are dull, prone to errors, time-consuming, repetitive and yet absolutely vital to recruitment agencies. You can hate them, but you cannot ignore them.

This is where recruitment process automation is your saving grace. By employing digital timesheet software like Timesheet Portal, you won’t have to write another invoice. The platform will generate the invoices for you. It will pull the data from timesheets you can customise to involve specific metrics you need. Additionally, an integrated email system will take care of their distribution, taking another worry off your list.

3. Streamlined Data Collection

One of the best things about automation is that there are many aspects and benefits to it. While it runs a handful of tasks for you, it also collects and processes data along the way. This unlocks new insights for you that can also be accessed via the platform you use.

Most SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions that offer automation functions come with customisable visual dashboards. This is where the data they register is stored and presented to you in a digestible format, such as graphs or tables. Through integrations, this data can also be shared with your other solutions, putting them into different contexts and enabling further options for automation.

4. More Time to Build Relationships

A large portion of your recruitment success depends on how good you are at building and maintaining relationships. Being the middle person between the clients and candidates, you have to understand the needs of both in great depth. It is crucial to make the best matches. Your success rate will naturally drive your trustworthiness. In turn, this will improve client retention and the overall reputation of your agency.

Building a personal relationship with every client or candidate takes time - something recruiters are highly deprived of. However, adopting recruitment process automation frees up more time than you possibly think of. It then allows you to shift your focus to areas that can only be taken care of by a living human. In this specific case - building, nurturing and deepening relationships.

5. Hiring for Multiple Roles Simultaneously 

Automation also expands your overall capacity as a recruiter. Since the software takes care of several elements of your job listings, it means you can effectively maintain a bigger number of them. Without burdening yourself with an unrealistic workload. 

Since automation helps with decreasing the rate of human error, you won’t have to worry about accuracy as much either. With both factors combined, adopting a digital solution that allows automating your workflows can massively improve your overall performance in terms of both: quality and quantity.

6. Improved Time to Hire

Automated candidate screening is a huge factor that plays role in speeding up the time to hire. But it’s not the only one. Recruitment process automation also entails things like chatbots to answer frequent candidate questions, application status updates, personalised experience, data storage and many more.

All in all, through automation you’re capable to increase the accuracy and individualisation of the process. All the while decreasing the time you dedicate to it. In other words, Y=you free up the time you can then direct towards more important tasks. And in addition to that, the overall performance is bound to improve as you pass your duties onto the software.

7. Better Collaborations

Unlike Excel Spreadsheets which can only be accessed by one person at a time, SaaS platforms can be used by multiple users in real time. All the edits can be seen implemented live. And, instead of overwriting the existing data, can be fully tracked by other team members.

A centralised platform like this creates better team alignment. It saves time going back and forth via emails or messengers and contributes toward better performance. Having visibility of what others do helps workers avoid the repetition of tasks. It also offers them an option of having input on improving processes they think can be bettered. 


Recruitment process automation isn’t optional anymore. To stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive landscape, recruitment agencies must undergo digital transformation. While the prospect of handing most of your day-to-day tasks to business intelligence may sound scary, there are more reasons to do so than not.

From reducing time to hire to never having to worry about invoices, automation in recruitment is aimed at improving your performance. It will not take your job away as your role is still highly dependent on nurturing human relationships. It will, on the other hand, reduce the number of manual tasks that take your focus away from things that matter.

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