Bank Account Validation

Author: Eugenija Steponkute
Published: 14/05/2019
bank account validation

Time is critical when it comes to your pay runs. This is why we are introducing bank account validation, so you can minimise returned bank payments to incorrect bank account numbers. Having a strong understanding of how time-consuming admin work is, we have taken yet another step to take the burden off your shoulders. With Timesheet Portal, you can focus your attention and effort on the areas that make your business grow.

With our new bank validation feature, you can now validate contractors' bank details. There’s no limitation regarding the way they are submitted. The feature works just the same whether the contractors fill in the information themselves or when you fill in the bank details on their behalf.

Important Information on Bank Account Validation

We want to apologise to our international clients, but this feature is available for the UK accounts only. Another note is that it is charged per bank account validation as opposed to being offered as a service package. Unfortunately, we are forced to take payments on a per-validation service as this is the only model on which we also pay when running the operation for you.

Charges are 8p per validation for the first 100, and then 5p for any additional lookups. Bank accounts will be validated whenever a change is made to a bank account number/sort code on the edit form for a user, or within their own profile.

To turn on bank account code validation, go to Settings->Billing->Subscription Modules, and enable the module there. You can monitor usage by going to Settings->Billing->Account Usage.

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