Client invoicing expense markup

Author: Michael Gois
Published: 15/05/2024

For the majority of cases, when you invoice your clients, you will invoice for them for the amount of expenses incurred at cost rate, however in some cases you may wish to add a markup on top of the expenses, to cover the costs for processing the expenses for example. Our latest expenses markup feature takes care of the work for you.

To add markups to expenses, you need to set a markup percentage on the client record. It is not possible to control expense markup on individual expense items or expense categories, or placements, they can only be set on the client level. To set the markup for a client, go to System>Clients from the left hand menu, and then editing the client record by clicking on them, and clicking Edit Client. Click on the Invoicing Options tab. The Expenses markup % field can be found at the bottom of this section.

Setting the expense markup % will not affect expense reports, as the markup is only applied during invoicing. Create your invoices using your standard processes, ensuring you include expenses. If a markup is being applied, you will notice the markup icon during the iw stage.


Once the invoice is generated, you are able to identify line items with a markup applied as they will have an * symbol next to the line price value. If you hover over the line item, a message appears stating the amountat was applied on the original value.


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