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Author: Eugenija Steponkute
Published: 04/01/2019
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Most companies talk about team alignment, yet very few have nailed the art. In this article for team supervisors, project managers and business owners, we will talk about ways of improving team collaboration. Instead of boring you with another piece emphasising the importance of working together, we want to present an actionable digital solution.

Do you know what is the ultimate killer of a company’s productivity? Miscommunication. It occurs when siloed departments or employees have no visibility of one another. They then tend to repeat tasks that have already been done. Additionally, they may misconstruct their approach due to a lack of access to the data that could have impacted their process. However, with one digital solution, you can align your teams to be on the same page.

Web timesheet software is an effective, versatile solution to replace your outdated manual system. It’s suitable for a huge range of businesses, whether you’re project-based, a service company, a recruiter or a manufacturer. Essentially, online timesheets provide a centralised platform where staff can easily submit hours worked for approval. It is a great team collaboration tool with multiple uses, and in this article, we’ll explain why.

Why are Online Timesheets Better?

Aside from leaving HR staff begrudgingly bogged down in unnecessary admin, paper-based timesheets have a number of cons:

  • They are hard to organise and manage, especially when dealing with multiple timesheets submitted by different employees on different dates, and concerning different types of work carried out.

  • There’s room for error, whether due to employee guesswork of hours worked (which could cost the business if hours are exaggerated) or innocent misreading of information.

  • It can be extremely time-consuming to manually track, tally and audit hours worked.

In other words, there are more than enough reasons to leave them behind. Instead, stick to online timesheets.

Team Alignment Through Digital Timesheets 

It may appear strange to consider online timesheets to be a tool used for better internal communication. However, a closer look reveals that it indeed increases visibility across the team. Thereby it serves the purpose of smoother collaboration. Let’s explore some of the key contributing factors.

Unlimited Accessibility

With most timesheet software being cloud-based, those with the authority to access it can do so from wherever they wish. Timesheet Portal’s mobile-enhanced site enables staff to submit and approve timesheets on the move. It’s available whether from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. We also have designated apps for every operating system. Also, to make workers’ lives that little bit easier, workers can also submit timesheets via text. They’ll then receive an email when it’s been submitted or reviewed.

This became a particularly important feature in the era of hybrid working. With most of the team members working remotely, the question of accessibility is among the top priorities in ensuring smooth business operations. Online timesheets can be filled in, submitted, approved and enrolled into accounting software with the only requirement of an internet connection. This is a definite advantage that streamlines team communication.

Centralised Documentation Storage

Another great feature that keeps your teams in a loop with one another’s activities is a centralised documentation platform. It usually comes as part of a timesheet solution. It can be used as an outlet to upload digital versions of paper timesheets for approval or receipts for claiming expenses. Although there are other benefits that serve the improvement of communication.

For example, a sales team may need the approval of a contract from the legal. Instead of emailing back and forth, they can simply upload it to a location where the other team can view and edit it. At Timesheet Portal, we also integrate with e-signing services. This means that our document storing system can support document signing and distribution without having to leave the application. Additionally, since our software is cloud-based, it supports multiple simultaneous logins and allows you to view and track changes being made in real time.

Better Collaboration and Improved Productivity 

Having your teams on the same page and in the loop with different processes across the business helps them work better together. From increasing efficiency by streamlining communication to speeding up progress by eliminating manual labour through automation, online timesheets can help your business scale more quickly.

Smoother Workflows

The use of timesheet software can contribute to building smoother workflows across the company. It can become an important element of the automation process. For example, with the timesheet approval process now shortened to merely needing to click a button, your team will be avoiding long email threads and potential back and forths.

For departments like accountancy, timesheets can save time and effort spent on manual data insertion. If the time tracking software of choice is integrable with the accounting solution, the information marked in the timesheet can be automatically transferred into the payroll platform. In other words, timesheets may appear to be an element specific to certain areas of your business. But a more in-depth look reveals that the entire organisation benefits from the job they do. In fact, they can influence the workflows of different departments. 

Data-Driven Environment

With digital tools come heaps of invaluable data which can be used to inform business decisions and boost company performance. By running a full audit history, you’ll be able to spot trends as well as possible issues surrounding the working habits of employees. It will allow you to take timely, remedial action and address potential friction points.

When your entire team has visibility of the data collected, they are enabled to put it into a different context. And therefore reap additional benefits and more detailed insight. Additionally, with everyone on board with the numbers, it is easier to discuss future actions, set SMART goals and forecast the results. A data-driven company is notably well-aligned based on the shared understanding of the current situation and what has to happen for it to change.

Design the Experience

The beauty of the best online timesheet solutions is that they allow you to design the process the way you want it to be. Keep in mind that certain tools can be growth-stifling due to their technical limitation. However, the market’s leading solutions actually encourage you to expand the software’s capacities. There are two ways of doing that. By offering a wide range of built-in templates users can adjust to their requirements; or through integration with other platforms, enhancing the functionality of both solutions.

Customisation and Branding

Arguably one of the biggest bugbears of paper-based timesheets is how inflexible they are. But with a cloud-based platform, you have free rein to customise timesheets to suit specific needs and requirements. Timesheet Portal, for instance, allows you to create custom rates (like overtime and night shifts) and rates based on days of the week. You can also add notes for the work performed.

Our timesheet solution specifically also enables you to remain consistent with your branding. It is often perceived as a sign of credibility. From the login screen to invoices and timesheets, each piece of documentation generated through Timesheet Portal will be meeting your unique requirements technically. All the while staying in compliance with your style guide. 


There is no one for all solution in pursuit of team alignment. There are, however, specific approaches that are the key drivers of it. You can’t hope to have the communication between different departments flow smoothly if they have no visibility of one another’s actions. Nor if they are not given the opportunity to share their individual insights for other business areas to put them into different perspectives.

Adopting a web-based timesheet platform is one of the possible ways to unite your company. It works by providing them with a channel to freely communicate and collaborate with one another. An online timesheet solution is more than a tool for the staff to clock in and out. It can increase accessibility to valuable insights and documentation, or through streamlining processes that include communication touchpoints. It can also become an invaluable addition to your business that accelerates your growth by tying the effort of all your teams into one thorough strategy.

Are you ready to explore what can it do for you? Don’t hesitate, get in touch.

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