Postcode Search on Address Forms

Author: Eugenija Steponkute
Published: 21/05/2019
postcode search

As always, we are excited to bring the news of a new update to our platform. We know that keying the data in is a tedious process that’s prone to mistakes, and we are therefore addressing it in yet another way. Aiming to help you enter data quicker, we've now added a new module which allows you to enable postcode searching on any forms containing address fields. Although a simple feature, small details like this can bring up big changes. 

We are certain you’re familiar with this functionality as it’s something you commonly find on e-commerce websites. When you enter the postcode and it gets identified, the address fields will be automatically populated with the rest of your information. This will make your data entry faster, which can be especially handy when you’re dealing with big volumes of data. Additionally, this will help you minimise the risk of getting the address wrong. 

Accessing the Feature

Unfortunately, we can only offer the postcode searching feature for UK accounts only. It is also a chargeable module where you will be paying per postcode lookup instead of a recurring monthly charge. We understand it’s not an ideal model, but that’s the only way we can run it. To put it simply, the Royal Mail charges on a per-lookup basis and we are determined to ensure fair costs for all customers. In other words, we will only make those who use this service pay for it.

To enable post-code lookups, go to Settings->Billing->Subscription Modules, and turn on the Address Lookup Module. If you’re wondering whether your team is using it, you can monitor address lookup usage in Settings->Billing->Account usage.

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