Self Billing Credit Notes

Author: Eugenija Steponkute
Published: 14/05/2019
self billing credit notes

Look out for the new Credit Notes menu option within the self-billing module as it is the newest addition to Timesheet Portal’s functionality. As the title would imply, we made it possible to create self billing credit notes for easier payroll management. As always, we relentlessly work out new ways of speeding up your processes and smoothening your workflows, therefore expanding the list of features and level of convenience our software delivers. 

This update is particularly interesting for users that rely on our integrations with accounting packages. Self-billing credit notes aren’t Timesheet Portal exclusive only, and so they can be exported into Sage, Xero and Quickbooks. However, keep in mind that for Sage, you will need to download the latest version of our Sage Connector. You can find a link to it in our help guide or on Sage’s official website.

Creation of Self Billing Credit Notes

You can create manual credit notes from within the designated section, or open up a self-billing invoice and click on Actions->Create credit note. The latter will generate a new credit note matching the value of the invoice. When using this feature, please be aware that this will break the link between the self billing invoice and the timesheet associated with it. In other words, the invoice will re-appear in your list of self billing invoices next time you produce automatic invoices. This gives you the opportunity to amend the timesheet so you can re-produce the invoice with self-billing. 

You can also assign a dedicated credit note invoice template to be used for self-billing credit notes. To change the invoice template, go to Settings->Self Billing.

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