Why is Cloud Storage Beneficial for a Business?

Author: Eugenija Steponkute
Published: 18/09/2019
cloud storage benefits

Cloud storage is a valuable asset for all types of businesses for a variety of reasons. They range from easier team alignment and collaboration to digital security. All in all, it’s a must-have for companies that seek digitisation. In this article, we want to encourage the decision-makers to utilise it to its full extent. 

Is your business ready to go paperless? Perhaps it will be after reading recent stats on document storage shared in a BMPS article. But if numbers are not your thing, we have another example. Just think of the valuable space all of those bulky filing cabinets are taking up in your office. Space that could be used to accommodate more employees. Or maybe create a breakout area for your team.

Once we have embraced flexible working, we’ve got to welcome flexibility in how we share documentation across the remote teams. However, as the world slowly goes back into the office, the old habits of printing and stockpiling paper documents threaten to return. So, let’s talk about why you should keep using digital storage as opposed to physical copies. Even if your business has returned to a full in-person attendance model. 

How Do You Get Rid of Paper Documentation?

The way to ditch paper documentation for good is to employ a cloud platform. Cloud technology is notorious for requiring no additional hardware to run. It enables businesses to access the software via the internet browsers, as well as securely store, share and collaborate on data.

Reasons to Use Cloud Storage

Centralised cloud-based storage offers more to the business than simple convenience. An easily accessible hub has a positive impact on processes run throughout the business. It provides easy access and visibility of relevant documentation for the entirety of the team. This increases team alignment by reducing the chances of miscommunication. It grants transparency of progress and drawbacks within the organisation. But let’s look into some less obvious benefits.

Flexibility at a Lower Cost

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of a cloud storage solution is that it enables greater business mobility. You and your staff are able to access documents anywhere, anytime, from any connected device. And it helps you work much more efficiently. Part of being a flexible business is being able to evolve and adapt to technology.

What’s more, the cloud enables you to offer more flexible work options to your team, which could help with staff retention. This includes things like remote working. And it is something that 90% of employees in a study said they’d like to be offered at least on a part-time basis.

Moving document storage to the cloud is bound to save your business money. What you end up paying for a cloud service provider is likely to be far cheaper than your annual costs for things like paper, ink, internal power and the cost of space taken up by filing cabinets. You won’t incur costs to install any software either, nor pay for additional hardware.

Collaboration and Visibility

Unlike Excel sheets which only allow a preview mode if someone is editing a document, there is no limitation of users simultaneously working on a file. What’s more, the actions of every individual are being tracked and recorded. They then only get implemented if other contributors approve of them. This ensures that your team has full visibility of one another’s actions at all times. Both in real-time and via history.

Such an approach doesn’t just drive smooth collaborations but also eliminates the threat of important data being overwritten. Changes can be easily reverted and tracked back to the person who has implemented them. This allows you to restore the data and use the situation as an opportunity to investigate and address the cause of misalignment. In other words, united document storage is a great tool for strengthening your teamwork. 

Everyone Benefits from Digital Storage

When talking of digital solutions it’s always assumed that only the business reaps the benefit. However, often digital platforms that improve performance and productivity also deliver better experiences to the end user. Speaking of the utilisation of digital storage, the adoption of one serves everyone. Even those not directly involved with your organisation.

Extra Layer of Security

Unlike paper copies, digital documents are less susceptible to external damages. Sure, you may accidentally spill a cup of coffee on your laptop with the same probability as you would on a paper document. However, with a digital version, you will be able to access an unchanged document using a different device. Whereas if you ruin the paper copy and it had no backups - it’s gone forever.

Additionally, cloud platforms are normally only accessible to authorised users, who are required to enter the system using an email and a password. Hacking into a digital directory is more complicated than opening physical document storage. Therefore, it is less likely to be compromised. This minimises the risk of a potential data leak. Even the vendor of the solution should not have access to the documents you store on the platform. To ensure that, make sure to always familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions of the software.


Apart from serving both your business and the end-user, the digitalisation of your paperwork actually helps our planet. Having an easily accessible digital copy enables easy distribution that requires no paper and no ink wasted. Especially when speaking of documents that either won’t be in frequent use or are one-off handouts.

It is also worth remembering that a lot of physical documents get left in a printer. And even more are disposed of right away if there’s a printing mistake on them. Other damages such as errors that have only been noticed post-print or accidental damage to the document also lead to re-printing. All in all, there are many factors that may lead to wasting energy, paper and ink. While this may not seem a lot when reviewing your own actions, remember that everyone is prone to this. Going paperless is a great solution in terms of reducing waste, saving time and saving costs.

Integrations for Wider Functionality

Despite the above-described benefits being some of the key arguments for promoting the use of cloud storage, the list is not limited to them. In fact, you can add needed functionality to your cloud solution by integrating it with other tools. An integration is essentially a link between two pieces of software. It allows them to exchange data, this way centralising different solutions in a single digital toolbox. 

Signage and Monitoring

At Timesheet Portal, cloud storage is included in both of our products. Whether it’s used for onboarding, contract storage, receipt upload or other uses - you get it upon purchasing either of the solutions. Given our wide range of available integrations, its capacities and ways of utilisation are only limited by your imagination.

Speaking of integrations, our document storage already comes with two. Upon purchasing either Project or Recruitment, you have a cloud platform that supports the e-signage of documents and also allows you to keep track of time-sensitive documents. This means that, for example, if your employees require a certification to work that needs to be renewed every few months, you will be reminded of an upcoming renewal as the date closes in. 


Going paperless isn’t just a trend but actually a good approach for a business of any size. There are multiple benefits, ranging from improving document security and decluttering the office to larger-scale impacts like eco-friendliness. Cloud storage offers convenience, accessibility, smoother collaborations and an overall better experience for every party involved. The monthly fee for a product is much lower than the ROI it delivers.

Additionally, you are not bound to the basic functionality of the platform. Depending on the software and its capacities, you can integrate it with other tools in your ownership, this way designing the experience and functionality of the tool.

Are you ready to go paperless? We can help.

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